Magisterial Giant Schnauzers

Brief History of the Giant Schnauzer:

The Giant Schnauzer is the largest of the three Schnauzer breeds, which originated in Germany.  The word “schnauze” means “muzzle” in German, which is a defining characteristic of the breed.  Depicted in one of renowned artist Albrecht Durer’s works, the Giant Schnauzer is believed to have developed in the Wurtemberg region of Germany.  The Giant Schnauzer traditionally filled the role of guarding farm carts and keeping stables free of vermin; however, people found them to be outstanding and loyal companions as well.  As a devoted guardian of both home and family, the Giant Schnauzer, historically, enjoyed a fine reputation as a police or army service dog.

Until the 1960’s, the Giant Schnauzer was a rare and little-known about breed in North America, registering fewer than 75 individuals a year.  Giants were seldom seen at shows, except for the very few events each year, for which the widely scattered owners and breeders co-operated to get together up to a dozen entries. 

With their protective demeanor and human-like compassion, the Giant Schnauzer has developed into a loving and loyal family companion.  Their stature and versatility will hold peoples attention for many years to come.  The Giant Schnauzer has a bright and prosperous future.  As reputable dog breeders, such as ourselves, continue to improve the breed, one can only imagine where the Giant Schnauzer will be in the future!

Character Overview:

Exhibiting immaculate physical prowess and vitality, Giants are ideal guard dogs, and a paradigm of healthy living.  The Giant is high-spirited, energetic, impetuous (though very stable), hardy, proud, and dominant.  The Giant Schnauzer is much calmer than the spunky Miniature and Standard Schnauzers.  Constantly alert, wary of strangers and very reliable, the Giants are excellent family dogs.  One may say that the “Giant” has an almost nanny-like relationship with children.  With their sturdy and powerful, yet agile body and keen nose, high intelligence and quick responsive disposition, the Giant Schnauzer is amendable to many varieties of training.

Care & Maintenance:

Giant Schnauzers are active dogs and require moderate exercise in order to maintain their mental and physical health.  Due to their energetic nature and athletic composure, they require strict attention and ample space for developing and maintaining this paradigm.

Giants have a non-shedding, non-allergenic, weather resistant coat; making them ideal for allergy sufferers.  As with all dogs, the Giant should have its nails trimmed and teeth brushed monthly.  Proper grooming is essential for the Schnauzer’s well-being (both physically and mentally) and should be done at least once every three months.  Daily brushing and weekly bathing will not only protect from harmful bacteria but will also strengthen your rapport with the dog.  Remember-cleanliness is next to DOGLINESS!

Physical Specifications:

We do not crop the ears of any Magisterial puppy; however, we can refer you to either of the two best Veterinarians that we know, who specialize in this procedure. If this is something you are personally interested in learning about, just let me know and I will provide their information.  We would strongly urge anyone who wishes to have their Giant Schnauzer's ears cropped, to have the procedure completed before your puppy reaches 10 weeks old.  Their tails will be docked and their dewclaws will be removed during their first 72 hours of life. They won't remember a thing, and both procedures will not cause them any pain in their years to come.

The Giant’s head is a strong, elongated-pronounced stop.  They have a rectangular nose bridge, shaggy muzzle ending in a blunt wedge, and must always have black lips.  Their eyes are oval and dark in colour.  When their ears are left natural (un-cropped), they are v-shaped, breaking at skull level or small and held erect.  Their body has a very distinct square outline with an arched neck, medium width chest, with moderately sprung ribs.  Their belly is moderately tucked up and their short back slopes gently toward the croup.  The Giant Schnauzer has compact, arched toes, dark nails, short round feet, and very muscular legs.  Their tail is set high and carried erect, and docked to three vertebrae.  Their coat is hard, wiry, thick, and weather resistant.  The undercoat is very dense, their muzzle includes a wiry beard, and their eyes are slightly hidden by their bushy eyebrows.  The two colours that a Giant Schnauzer comes in are solid black, or pepper and salt, both having a dark mask.  The Giant should stand at 60 to 70 cm (23.5-27.5 in), and should weigh in at 20 to 40 kg (60-88 lb).

For additional information on the Giant Schnauzer’s physical specifications, please visit the official Canadian Kennel Club website HERE.


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