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We were born this way baby!
Dear Magisterial friends,

We thank you for taking the time to read through our content and either selecting us as your breeder or considering us as your future puppy provider. We are very confident that you will be happy with your decision to add a Magisterial baby to your heart and home. We truly want to ensure this is the most PAWSitive experience possible for you; if there is anything what-so-ever that our website hasn't made clear for you, please do not hesitate to contact me anytime and I will be pleased to have a personal chat with you.

Since the world is changing and Facebook seems to be the most effective way for sharing photos, information and updates; we have decided that our Magisterial Facebook page will be our primary means of keeping past, current, and future clients most informed with what's new here at Magisterial. Please take a look at our Facebook page and rest assured that you do not have to be a Facebook member in order to view our photos, updates, and all other content on our page. We will have a limited number of puppies available from May 2012 - November 2012; if you are interested in obtaining more information, please send me an e-mail to and I will be more than happy to provide any/all further details.

We take our job here very seriously and our total focus is on our dogs and their offspring. We pride ourselves in knowing that our puppies leave our home totally confident, intelligent and very eager to learn. We spend a lot of time with our puppies; we take entire litters for gorgeous off leash walks throughout our Magisterial forests, where they enjoy riverside play in the water, rolling hills, stunning valleys, and a variety of wildlife (some even endangered species!!). A portion of Magisterial acreage is a certified protected wetland, where we are doing our best to protect some very important Ontario treasures. Our puppies are socialized with children, other sized dogs and animals, have learned so much from spending lots of time with Mom and other K9 family members, and most importantly have experienced most functions of a typical family home (vacuum cleaner, phones ringing, the smells of meals cooking, lots of people around constantly, etc). Our adults are health tested to ensure that their offspring live a long and healthy life with their families. We do everything we can to ensure you are getting our very best work from our labour of love!

Our puppies leave Magisterial completely crate trained, confident/independent, and ready to start training! Our previous clients can't believe how quickly their puppy became house trained and was picking up on general training; we have references available from around the world that we would love to share. We donate a few puppies each year to non-profit organizations like Autism Dog Services. Our dogs have experienced great success in the service dog role and have helped to change the lives of many children and adults. We really do feel that they can accomplish anything the world throws at them!

We enjoy doing various activities with our dogs. We really like getting out every once in a while to Canadian Kennel Club confirmation dog shows where we have enjoyed some successes for sure. Some of our dogs really love agility, and it's great fun for us also. A few of our dogs are certified St. John Ambulance Therapy Dogs and have made a huge difference for the lives of many. Nothing can bring a smile to ones face like a friendly and happy dog!!! A new venture for us that we are beginning this year is fly ball and herding; we are curious to see how our three breeds will fair.

We love our dogs more than anything, and we hope that after landing at this site, and hopefully coming for a visit to Magisterial, that you are able to see just how much we cherish all of our beloved dogs and puppies. We consider all of our dogs family members and treat them like the Magisterial royalty that they are to us. We provide our adult dogs with the very best life possible; they enjoy over 5 acres of our backyard and forest as their personal playground, which you will be able to witness first hand while looking out our windows during your Magisterial visit.

Please ensure you browse through the rest of our website to learn all of the other details of what makes us Magisterial. You can look at what is included with each of our puppies, our lifetime commitment to our clients, training and procedures, and the process of adopting a Magisterial baby. We look forward to meeting wonderful people, who are looking to emBARK on an adventure of a lifetime. Just complete one of our Magisterial Puppy Applications and I will call you within 24-48 hours. I prefer to have an actual telephone conversation with potential puppy parents, as I typically find that one call is worth 100 e-mails most times. If you totally prefer e-mail, just shoot me off one and I will be sure to reply quickly!

Warmest Regards,

Adam & Joshua

Please note that the above puppy information is updated regularly and that the information is current.
Why purchase a puppy from Magisterial Kennels?

Hopefully from all the content you’ve read thus far, your already convinced, but if not, I would like to take the opportunity to share a few more reasons why we feel adding a Magisterial puppy to your life will be an unforgettable experience.  From the moment you arrive at our home, you will see for yourself just how much thought, time, passion, and energy goes into each and every puppy.  One of the most important things we want all potential Magisterial buyers to know, is that we are here for you during the entire lifetime of your dog.  Our hope is that we will create a friendship with every buyer, and be there for them as they make crucial decisions that impact their Magisterial companion.  We also want you to know, that we don’t believe that any question, what-so-ever, is a stupid one!  For many clients, their Magisterial puppy is their first one, and many things that we take for granted, are completely new to them.  Again, we want to always be your first point of contact.  If there is something we feel you could receive better information on, we will gladly refer you to one of our many reliable allies.  We definitely aren’t so pompous that we think we are experts in every single category of the K9 world -- everyone has their expertise!

We offer many things that traditional kennels do not.  Our health guarantee on each and every Magisterial puppy is 24 months, whereas the average is only 12 months.  We back our puppies 100% on anything genetic what-so-ever, for the first 24 months of their life.  We haven’t once had to refund or replace a puppy since our beginning.  Every Magisterial puppy leaves with hundreds of dollars in products, to get them well on their way at their new homes.  We provide our clients with ample choice.  They decide many of the important, initial decisions, such as having their puppies tail docked or left natural, (they actually pick their own puppy--we don’t pick for you), and they always get to select their puppies Canadian Kennel Club registered name, etc.  Many other breeders let their clients pick the “call name”, but already have given them certificate names.  We will always have both Dam and Sire here, because we own all of our dogs, and they are truly family members to us.  In some situations, you may even get to meet the Grandparents of your Magisterial puppy.

Finally, and most importantly, you will be receiving a healthy, happy, mentally sound Magisterial puppy.  From the moment they enter this world, they are welcomed immediately by my presence.  Each and every Magisterial baby born here is birthed with dedicated assistance, by both myself and the Mother. I am always there just to oversee the birth, and ensure no problems arise.  This human interaction continues until the day they leave our care, and hopefully continues until the day they die with their new owners.  Magisterial puppies are handled hourly, thus making them fond of human intimacy, love, and nourishment. They aren’t left in a kennel, seeing only four walls their entire time at their birth place--this would be an egregious and inhumane practice, and in our opinion would constitute a puppy mill or backyard breeder.  In order to produce extraordinary Magisterial puppies, the big task begins on day one!  This will greatly impact their progress and loyalty with their new owners for years to come.  Your new puppy will be trained not to bark, bite, jump up, or destroy--all being a result of early training and socialization.  All of our dogs are tested for health issues known to their specific breed.  Proof of such will be provided to you, at your request.  All puppy buyers must be wary, and somewhat skeptical of breeders and ask plenty of questions to ensure this crucial task has not been overlooked or ignored.

We hope that by this point, we have convinced you that you have indeed landed in the right place!  If you are still harbouring doubts, please visit our “happy owners” link and read letters from several Magisterial puppy buyers.  If, after reading these endearing testimonials, you’re still having second thoughts, then perhaps you aren’t quite ready to emBARK upon a truly life altering experience.  If your discoveries are comparable to ours, you will gain far more from having a Magisterial puppy, than they will gain from you.  They are, without a doubt, our everything!

What are the steps in adopting a Magisterial puppy?

Once you and your entire family are completely on the same page, regarding the addition of a new member to your family, please click here for our Magisterial Puppy Application, complete the form and submit it to us.  I will personally contact you within a 24 hour period!  All Magisterial puppies are sold as family pets, and a Canadian Kennel Club Non-Breeding Agreement must be signed.  We do not sell to brokers, pet stores, or to other breeders!

If all looks well on the application, and we feel you’re ready and able to emBARK on an extraordinary journey of owning your own Magisterial Puppy, your name will then be added to our prestigious waiting list.  If we don’t have puppies at the time your application is received, and approved, you will be placed on the list awaiting our next litter.  If we do have Magisterial puppies at the time you are exploring this opportunity, and you are approved, your name will then simply be added to the collar of the puppy you pick!

We require a deposit of 50% of the purchase price of your Magisterial puppy, to be officially added to our list.  This is a security for both us, and you!  It guarantees that you will receive a puppy, and it assures us that our babies have indeed been adopted by wonderful, loving families.  It also gives you a timeframe of when you will be bringing your new family member home, giving you ample time to prepare for their arrival.  We accept many forms of payment for this deposit, which include: PayPal, e-mail money transfers, certified cheques, money orders, cash, or you may simply deposit the funds into our Magisterial bank account.

Once your name has been added to the Magisterial waiting list, the waiting game begins!  From the day your puppy is born, photos are taken constantly and forwarded to members of the list.  I am available anytime throughout the eight week period, while you are waiting, and delighted to answer any questions or concerns you or your other family members may have.  We consider this period to be on par with couples preparing for their newborn child to arrive--almost as much time and effort is put into a puppy as is put into a baby! This is a perfect time for you to start reading our Training & Questions page and other training literature, to familiarize yourself with basic training and obedience.

When the puppies reach about three weeks old, we allow people into our home to choose their actual Magisterial puppy.  Obviously if you aren’t within driving distance, we will provide you with plenty of photos and advice to aid you in making your decision.  Sometimes our buyers live quite a distance away, such as Vancouver, Calgary, etc., and it simply isn’t possible or feasible for them to be here at this stage of the process.  They usually want to be here when their puppy is ready to be picked up at eight weeks old, or sometimes if we are heading in that direction, we always prefer to hand deliver, rather than to ship.  When the situation arises where both options aren’t possible, we rely on Westjet.  We have been using them to deliver our puppies for years, and I truly trust them.  Not once, have I had even a remotely negative experience.   If you haven’t had the pleasure of flying/working with Westjet, I strongly recommend them to anyone--they are awesome!  For additional information on the costs associated with flying a Magisterial puppy, please click the Questions link, at the top of the page.

Then the day that everyone is waiting for arrives!  When your Magisterial puppy turns eight weeks old, he/she is available for you to pick up with open arms.  This is a very sad day for us, but we know that due to all of our hard work and dedication in finding our puppies extraordinary homes, they to are about to emBARK upon a new, extraordinary life with their new owners.  When you arrive at our home, we hand you your puppy, so that you may hold him/her as we complete all the necessary paperwork.  This process should only take about half an hour, but usually ends up taking well over an hour, due to conversation and goggling over the other Magisterial puppies.  We always reserve a full two hours for each puppy pick-up to allow plenty of chat time, and sufficient time for us to say good-bye to our babies.  During the paperwork, the remaining 50% of your puppy is due, and the same forms of payment as the deposit apply.  Some have said that the paperwork involved with purchasing a Magisterial puppy, is much like purchasing a car.  We try to make the whole process as smooth and painless as possible, but in order to do things well--it takes time!  We don’t rush anything at Magisterial.

In the weeks and months ahead, we anxiously await updates and photos, just as you did while you were waiting to take home your Magisterial puppy.  It’s almost like the tables have turned!  We always make routine update calls when each Magisterial puppy reaches the age of 6 months old.  It is at this time that your puppy has either been spayed/neutered or their appointment has been booked for your convenience.  Only part of the call is spent discussing this crucial and important procedure--the rest is spent gabbing about your new family member!  Sometimes when I’m laying in bed, trying to fall asleep at night, and I haven’t heard from a particular puppy buyer, I can’t help but wonder how things are going.  If the puppies are happy with our choice of family, and if they are being taken care of as well as they were in their Magisterial Kingdom, I can rest comfortably knowing we’ve made the right choice.  Once you have one of our puppies, we sincerely consider you to be part of our family, and will most certainly treat you as such.  You will be added to our annual Christmas card list; we may even call you up one day to chat, and perhaps if we’re in your area, we’ll pop in to say hello--of course we will call ahead!  We have great confidence that your Magisterial puppy will positively impact your lives.  You will quickly start to feel that you have somehow inherited celebrity qualities, only to find out that it’s your Magisterial dog that’s attracting all the attention.  Everywhere you go people will stop to ask questions about your companion, and constant compliments will start to flow in.  It may even become overwhelming at some points, but will only reinstate your amazing find and purchase from Magisterial!

What is included with my Magisterial puppy?

    1. Your puppy will be registered with the Canadian Kennel Club.
    2. Canadian Kennel Club Non-breeding Agreement.
    3. All Magisterial puppies leave with an extensive 3 YEAR HEALTH GUARANTEE.
    4. Veterinarian health check certificate.
    5. Their 5 generation pedigree will also be included.
    6. Immunization record.
    7. Complimentary Pet Secure insurance for 6 weeks ($750 value).
    8. First of three sets of shots will have been given to your puppy.
    9. Magisterial puppies are de-wormed every two weeks from birth.
    10. Advantage flea treatment will be applied to your puppy.
    11. If applicable, your puppies tail will be docked.
    12. Again, if applicable, your puppies dewclaws will have been removed.
    13. A puppy training manual will be included.
    14. Our advice, experience, and knowledge, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
    15. Fleece blanket with the scent of us, siblings, and parents.
    16. Micro-chipped with both CKC and M4S ID with lifelong membership fee paid.
    17. Magisterial well water. Please bring your own container to take it home in.
    18. Physical examination report
    19. Identification tag
    20. We always include a few of our tried, tested, and true toys and treats.
    21. Coupons for products and services will also accompany your puppy pack.
    22. A donation will be made on your behalf to help K9’s around Canada, in need.
    23. Various other informational guides and pamphlets for you to read.
    24. Ren's Pet Depot Catalogue with coupon for first order submitted.


Our clients often ask if there is anything they can bring that would help out with the raising of their puppy or future Magisterial puppies; the only possible thing that we can ever think of, is any old or extra bath/hand towels, blankets, sheets or bedding.  With puppies around, we can always make excellent use of these items.  As breeders, bags of puppy bedding are one of the greatest and most appreciated gifts we can receive--BIG thanks to anyone who has ever helped out!

For other products and services that Magisterial offers, such as clippers, brushes, combs, beds, etc., please visit the “Products & Services” link.

What is the cost of a Magisterial Puppy?

This is typically the first question our potential clients ask us.  Honestly, please believe me when I tell you that the price of a puppy isn’t the MOST important thing.  I know it may be for certain individuals, and to be quite frank, they aren’t our typical buyers.  All of our Magisterial clients have a few other priorities in mind when searching for their new family member (i.e. health, temperament, the facility puppy was born in, level of interaction with humans, their mental soundness, happiness level, etc.)  As stated several times in all of our previous content, our dogs mean everything to us, and we take great pride in what we do.  The following breed specific prices are what we feel to be comparable and inline with other breeders; fair, honest, and value packed (both in the material sense and the priceless sense).

Why should I not purchase my new puppy from a pet store?

This is a topic which I feel extremely strong about.  If you purchase a puppy from a pet store, you’re simply funding puppy mills and back yard breeders.  It’s as simple as that!  Puppy mills are defined as dogs living in unsanitary conditions, tight quarters, in cages, never let outside , constantly being bred, producing unhealthy and genetically defective puppies, sold solely for the purpose of profit.  You will rarely ever find a healthy, happy, mentally sound puppy behind the glass of a pet store. 

Just think about it, they never see the light of day; they live in tight quarters, never feeling grass on their feet, and are exposed to all kinds of potential diseases from other animals in the store.  I know it’s hard to resist, and your natural instinct is to give them a better life, but remember, you truly aren’t helping the situation if you buy from a pet store.   The employees of the store are not even allowed to educate you on basic information you should know, such as where the puppy actually comes from, access to the parents, health concerns, history of lineage, or anything else you may want to know.  They offer no health guarantee,  and by the time you find out your new family member has an illness, it’s too late, and your stuck with a sick puppy forever because the pet store doesn’t offer a refund or exchange on their pets.  In most cases the new owners don’t even want to take their puppy back, due to the horrible life they just saved them from.  Instead, they are forced to purchase expensive medications, and pay for pricy veterinarian visits, knowing the entire time that their new family member isn’t going to live a full, prosperous life.  These are just a few of the reasons why you should absolutely not consider purchasing your puppy from a pet store or broker of any kind.  If you would like to learn more information regarding this topic, please visit our contact us page for various links leading you to more knowledge!

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