Magisterial Happy Owners:

We remember purchasing our first dogs years ago, and we always asked for names and contact numbers of previous puppy buyers to ask what their experience was with the breeder and their puppy. We were always able to clear up questions and concerns, because each of those references had already been through what we were about to embark on. It made us feel much more confident with our decision, and settled our nerves immensely. These are just a handful of letters we have received from happy Magisterial puppy owners. If you would like to contact any references directly, please don't hesitate to request their information. Many of our previous clients have granted us permission to share their information with our current potential buyers. They are always more than happy to share their experiences with others. We would like to thank all of our clients for sharing their touching experiences and photo's with our potential new owners.

Adam and Joshua

To whom it may concern:

With more than 20 years of caring for family pets behind me, I can confidently say that it is a pleasure to deal with Magisterial Kennels. During the last five years, I have learned that Adam and Josh operate an organization that is truly dedicated to the wellbeing of the family pet, the breed line, and the companion animal – human bond. I am proud to be associated with such a fine organization.


Dr. Jeff Latimer

To Whom It May Concern,

I have been fortunate enough to have had the opportunity to examine several different litters of puppies from Magisterial Kennels. I have met Adam and Joshua many times as well as many of the entended family who provides assistance to them with puppy rearing. The appointments with the puppies are always highlights for all of our staff's days. It is always obvious how much attention and tender loving care has been provided to the puppies. The puppies are in good body condition, and are well groomed when they arrive. The puppies generally have a good play session when it is not their turn to be examined, and vaccinated. Having watched how Adam and Joshua, and their families, interact with the puppies during the appointments helps me to extrapolate to the care that is being given at home. I beleive that the puppies are fortunate to have such a great start in their lives.


Dr. Andrea Giffen Hastings Veterinary Hospital


"I have been so fortunate to be able to work with Giant Schnauzer, Cairn Terrier and Poodle puppies from Magisterial Kennels along with their new owners. It is quite evident that all of these puppies have been raised in a loving, caring environment for their first few weeks of life. They come to their new owners happy, healthy, well-adjusted and eager to learn making their next steps in training easy. Every puppy I have trained has completed the Advanced Level of training and a couple of them have gone on to become Therapy Dogs. Without exception, all of the puppies from Magisterial Kennels have been a delight to work with and I look forward to working with more in the future.

Sharon Simms
Accredited Trainer, Dogs Gone Pawsitive"


My name is Stefan Subaseanu and I am a dog training instructor and have been a dog owner for more than 20 years. In the summer of 2012 I was asked by one of my potential clients( dog owner to be), to join him and his family on a trip to a breeder to help then choose the right puppy for their family. This is how I got to meet The People at Magisterial Kennels. I have to say that is totally different than What a lot of breeders look this days. The kennels are located on a huge piece of land where their dogs can get the exercise and the fresh air they need. I also noticed that their dogs where allowed in the house(very clean and organized), thing that made me think that these people are running a business, but in a different way.a more humane way, when it comes to how they treat their animals. As a trainer I know how important is to have a puppy that comes from exceptional parents, and you can't get that from stressed or abused dogs. That is why I believe,that the way and the location they chose to breed pure bred dogs is great. We all know the saying: "You are what you eat". Well, their dogs are fed partially an all natural raw diet. There is nothing better than that in my opinion. Nutrition reflects in almost everything. To this point I have had the pleasure to work with 3 of their puppies and I have to say that they are amazing. Well bred dogs with great potential, and very good with the kids. All of them are in families with young children, some of them very young, actually, and they all do great. This is, because they have relatives (young children) that come and handle their puppies at a very young age. This teaches the young dog how to be handled by kids. To anybody that considers purchasing a pure bred Giant Schnauzer, Cairn Terrier or a Standard Poodle, I would strongly recommend that your research for breeders Must include Magisterial Kennels.

Stefan Subaseanu
Dog Training and Behavior Consulting 

I LOVE Magisterial Kennels! I have two wonderful, beautiful, and in my very biased opinion --perfect poodles from them :) I got Gracie last year and knew right away that I wanted a second poodle. Gracie and Ruby are the first dogs I have ever owned, and while I've wanted a dog for a very long time, I didn't realize how much of a magnificent impact they could make in my life. These girls are my excercise partners, coffee dates, and cuddle companions. They are literally up for anything, I didn't realize that a pair of dogs could blend so well into my lifestyle all the while improving it so much. Gracie was so easy to train (such a smart breed!) and Ruby followed in her footsteps, she was completely house-trained in under a week. Everyone comments on how beautiful the girls are and what nice personalities they have. I was never intending on sticking to one breed my whole life, but I have to admit that I'm sold, I can't see myself without a poodle ever! Deciding on a poodle breeder took a lot of research and I am so thankful this kennel is the one I went with. Adam and Josh answered all of my questions and were so warm and inviting right of the bat. Meeting them for the first time, I couldn't help but feel confident in my choice of adopting a dog through them. Being at their house, you can just see the love and work that goes into their dogs. As long as they're breeding poodles, I will be adopting through Magisterial!



Uli is a wonderful dog. She is calm and sweet, she listens (mostly) and never ever loses her patience with children. Every morning we go for a long walk at the park, she is able to run around leash free, through ditches, farmers fields and greet doggy friends. She is a very happy animal and loves cats. If you get a chance, check out my facebook page so you can see pictures of our house(church), you'll see all the space uli has to run around in. Uli graduated from obedience training and has been groomed several times. She currently weighs 74 pounds and is in perfect health. We appreciate the care you place in raising the pups, she obviously had a good start in life. We'll update again, thx,



During the last days of school, I would often go to my room and try to find some information as many hypo allergenic dogs I could find. And then I decided after a couple of weeks that I will have to pick out some breeds to focas my research on. And so I did, The schnauzer, and the poodle. Then I couldnt decide weather I liked the poodle of schnauzer better, so I kept them both in mind. Then I moved on to reasearch for breeders. So constantly kept googleing poodle breeders, and schnauzer breeders. And didnt really find one that I really liked. So then I began looking on kijiji. And I couldnt convince my parents, they always said, "we dont know if theese people are really selling puppies, they might try and scam people" and stuff like that. So I went on google and typed Poodle breeders in ontario. The same list of breeders came up. Then I clicked the next page and saw "Magisterial Kennells". and I clicked it. And There website looked pretty cool. So I emailed them about poodle puppies. Then my dad called me for dinner, I then went back upstairs and Adam from Magesterials Kennells had already replied. So we began communicating and eventually went over to there home to look at some puppies. We turned on there super long driveway and werent sure if we were in the right place, but thankfullly they had some signs that were quite welcomeing, and said Magisterial Kennels. When we got there, there house was huge, and after a couple of seconds after parking, Adam and Joshua came out holding 3 beautiful poodle puppies that were availabe, 2 apricots and 1 black. After playing with all of them, it was hard to decide, but before making a decision, they went back inside to grab the entire litter! They were already sold but they were really fun to play with. While playing, Adam and joshua were just full of information, and had lots of stories to share, and were just super friendly. And so,we decided to go with one of The Apriicot puppies, cause he kept following me around, we named him Max but we couldnt take him home yet, so we drove home talking about how excitining it would be with him in our lives. Finnaly the last day of school came and it was convinetly a friday, and we were schedualed to pick him up on Sunday. A couple hours after I got home, I decided to help my mom clean some stuff for max. And then my dad got home and started asking me the most supidest questions and when I answered them he would just ask some more stupid questions. And then we heard the door bell ring. MY dad said that if they were home, I was now allowed to answer the door. So I went to open it and there were 3 strangers outside holding what seemed to be a teddy bear. But as I looked closer it was Adam, Joshua and one of their nephues (I dont know how to spell nephues), Josh. And in there hands was not a teddy bear, but It was MAX!!! I couldnt beleive it, I didnt realize I was looking like a complete idiot, until Adam said "Hey, Do you remember this guy" and he was obviously refering to max. So we let them all in and they played with max with us for quite a while. After playing, we all went out for dinner and we all enjoyed it. We still talk via email. If you ever want to get a carrin terrier, a giant schnauzer, or a standard poodle, contact Adam and Joshua, cause there the best.

Andrew Chin & Family

Hi Adam:

Just a note to let you know how pleased we are with our Cairn terrier. Unfortunately our first died. Bandit was hit by a truck while at Grandma and Grandpa's cottage. He was quite aggressive and was not ever comfortable with people and especially males. Unfortunately, we learned that that may have been the result of our old breeder. Having some restrictions on the type of dog we could care for and having loved the breed we set out to find another. Our daughter Kyla was quite diligent to find a quality breeder, having been informed that could make all the difference. Well..., she found Magisterial Kennels website. After we contacted you and felt quite comfortable that this was a quality kennel, her dad quietly made contact with Magisterial Kennels and arranged to surprise the family with our new terrier. Informed of the process and procedure, Magisterial Kennels was not going to let any of their pets go to an inappropriate home. We have been so happy with "Willow'', our new terrier, and can see the obvious difference a breeder can make. Willow is a very happy, fun loving ,smart, non aggressive and beautiful pet. Thank you for being caring and compassionate with these animals as it does make a huge difference!


The Callahan Family
Sudbury, Ontario.

Hello Adam and Joshua,

Happy thanksgiving! I would like to thank you for our wonderful Leonardo (Leo), cream/white standard poodle, who is 7 months old now. We all love Leo very much in our family and he loves us back. I spent a more than a year actively thinking should we adopt a dog: how we will handle walks, vacations, vet bills, dog sickness, house training, grooming... After that entire journey, I am more than happy we adopted our Leo from Magisterial. After thorough research, we decided to adopt a standard poodle (smart, friendly, hypoallergenic, big enough and athletic to be happy running and hiking companion). I sent emails to few standard poodle breeders, but only Adam call me in less than 24 hours and talked with me over the phone for more that hour about my concerns, plans, previous experience even though they did not have available puppies at that time. Two mounts later we when to visit Adam and Joshua and their dogs, particularly expecting Empress and Mercedes. Wonderful people and wonderful friendly well behaved dogs (especially Empress, mother of our Leo, she touched me deeply). When puppies were three weeks old we went back to Magisterial; those are special moment for our kids; they have been able to see puppies and hold them. Since the puppies birth until we got our Leo, Adam and Joshua have been sending us photos of Leo and his sibling. Adam and Joshua thank you for that.

How we are doing with some of our previous dog owning concerns? Adam and Joshua crate trained Leo, so he slept the first night in his crate. We took Leo from Magisterial and went in a two hours car drive. He was fine, he never cried. I guess, Adam and Joshua have some secret puppy school and they teach puppies how to behave :), most likely they told them this is your new family and you will live with them, btw do not worry we checked if they will be good and responsible owners. Leo was following us immediately and he was very friendly, brave and very calm puppy. I found that I like my walks with Leo, we meet neighbors and other dogs. We walk in woods, lovely. Lot of kids knows his name and they are running to pet him. He was house trained in less than a mount (I was prepared for more trouble). Leo has his soft toys, and he likes to keep them in the family room. He never destroyed anything in the house, except his toys. He is very gently with small kids and smaller size dogs. He is nice and respectful with cats and our budgie. I learned how to groom Leo and he is so incredibly patient with me. After long grooming session, he just starts to kiss me and I know that this too much for him; he needs a break :).

Some of comments that I am get on the street are:"beautiful dog", "well behaved", "so calm", "I cannot believe he is a puppy, he is so calm and so well behaved".

In short: Standard Poodles - wonderful dogs, I am impressed. Previous skeptic that they are fluffy dogs, I now love the bread. Smart, friendly, athletic, calm and also agile when they need to...They can be an excellent watch dogs as well. Magisterial Kennels - "they really love their dogs" - was my vet comment when Leo and I first time visited the hospital for first checkup after we took Leo from Magisterial.

Adam and Joshua thank you once again and Happy thanksgiving...

Mira, Ottawa

Hi Adam and Joshua,

I hope all is well with you and all your Magisterial doggies! I wanted to send you an update about our beautiful standard poodle, Coco. She has been with us for 2 months now and has brought so much laughter to our family. She truly is an amazing dog!! I can't believe that she is only 5 months and so smart. Coco had no problems adjusting to her new life, you can tell that she feels right at home. Our kids absolutely adore her and she can't wait to see them every morning and when they come back from school. She loves going for car rides and going to new places; she watched our son's soccer games this summer and really enjoys going to the park with the kids. She loves going for her walks and gets lots of compliments. Everyone who meets her can't believe that she is only a puppy - she's so well behaved! I want to thank you for all your help and guidance during the process of meeting and finally choosing Coco - getting a Magisterial puppy was absolutely the right decision! She is already a great companion and we're very fortunate to have her in our family. I'm sending you 2 pictures - one is from August with her toy piggy that you gave her and the second one is from Coco's graduation from puppy training class!

Thank you!! We wouldn't hesitate recommending you to anyone who is considering getting a puppy. Please, also thank your nephews for all their great work with the puppies and let them know that Coco is very happy.

Best regards,

The Aquis

Hello Adam and Joshua,

Skye and I love our life together, she is the best little girl I could have asked for . Everyone we meet loves her, other dogs love her and she loves farm life. About a month ago Skye and I moved on to a horse farm where I am the Barn Manager. Everyday she is out with me helping to look after the horses. She spends her day snoozing in the sun, chasing birds, running with the ATV, making sure our sand ring is 'bug free', keeping the sticks organized, and digging in mud puddles. She is also learning from the other dogs how to be a ratter and she takes the job quite seriously being the smallest of the group she gets into the little places to flush them out. I can't believe my 3lb girl I picked up not that long ago is going to be a 6month 11lb puppy in just a few days.

I adopted my Cairn Terrier, Skye, from Adam and Joshua in June 2012. Just a few weeks prior I had lost a dog to cancer and my house and life was hollow without a dog. Adam helped me pick the right puppy from the litter to match what I was looking for. They were caring and sympathetic throughout the process. Skye is now a horse farm dog who loves her life chasing bugs, digging in mud puddles and keeping the sticks organized. Cairns are the perfect bred for anyone who spends lots of time outside, loves to laugh and wants a long time companion. Everyone keeps telling me I should get a second, I'm not ready yet but when I do I will be going back to Adam and Joshua and their wonderful Cairns.

Dani & Skye

Dear Adam and Joshua,

I want to thank you again for all of the assistance you provided to help me get my puppy Hunter into Mexico. I really appreciated your cooperation, and that of your veterinary, with preparing all of the extra documentation that Mexican Customs required. Then, at the last minute, having to change all of the documentation due to revised Mexican laws. I know it was a lot to ask, but you never wavered with your support in providing a safe trip for my little Hunter. The treats that you sent along, his blanket and toys were also appreciated In the end, all went well and we are having a great life here in the Mayan Riviera. Hunter is an amazing dog. Clearly, he was raised in a loving home. He is growing very quickly and is a happy, playful and well adjusted dog. Everyone one here loves him. He has learned to swim in the ocean and loves playing with coconuts. Thank you also for respecting my wish to not crop his tail. His natural tail is amazingly beautiful. I would recommend your Magisterial puppies to anyone.


Elizabeth Peters

Hi Adam and Joshua,

Hope this finds you both well. Snape just turned one last month. How time flies. I met a puppy a few days ago from Magisterial (Steeler). Maybe one day I'll get a sister for Snape. Here is our testimonial, please feel free to edit. We purchased a cairn terrier from Magisterial Kennels last November. We named the little fella Snape (from Harry Potter). It actually suits him. He is quite the character. He loves to play with other dogs and his squeaky stuffed snake. He is a handsome little dog and often people will stop and remark about him. We also hear "There's a Toto dog" quite often. He loves going on trails and has done some at Algonquin Park. I have recommended Magisterial to others as we are quite pleased with our cairn. Truly glad we bought him.

Sandra, Bruce and Corbin

Dear Adam and Joshua,

Our families adopted two giant schnauzers from you, a female "Clover" for us and a male "Alfalfa" for my parents. From the moment we laid eyes on our "babies" we have been in love. People we know who have been with dogs their whole lives (vets, groomers, trainers) comment on what amazing personalities our dogs have and how gentle they are. You both raised our pups perfectly. They are extremely social and loving animals.

My parents adore their gentle giant. He is well behaved, smart, loyal, calm and a big gentle boy.

We have 3 boys ( ages 8,6 and 3 ) and Clover is so gentle with them and extremely accepting. Our youngest son, Eli, lies on top of her while she is eating and she just lays there nibbling away at her kibble. She is also amazing when the boys walk her. I can't say enough about what a fantastic being she is. Sweet, gentle, playful, beautiful, a loving spirit - this sums up our new little girl. We will be certain to spread the great word about Giant Schnauzers and Magisterial Kennels. Truly a magnificent experience.

Keep well,

Cathy Passafiume Wood and family.

Adam & Josh

We have been training puppies for ADS(Autism Dog Services) for the past few years and were asked to train a poodle. I had some reservations as I always thought poodles were high strung, off the wall dogs. Well, Wally from Magisterial Kennels came to us at 4 months old and to our surprise and pleasure he was at this young age a loving, friendly very calm puppy- he truly stole our hearts! He was very bright and took to his training like a pro! Our job as volunteers is to socialize the puppies to as many life experiences as we can. We took Wally to the grocery stores, malls, dentist, etc and he was a regular visitor at the long term care facility my mother is in. He put many a smile on the residents faces. Under all these conditions he was calm, attentive and very friendly. He stole the hearts of everyone he met. Wally has now moved on and is a very loyal friend and companion to a young autistic boy and they are doing wonderful! This is exactly what we strive for when we are given a puppy to train. We now have Winston(4 months old) from ( Magisterial Kennels) who from 8 weeks has been in the program. Winston is a very calm, friendly puppy who has taken to his training amazingly. We are so excited that we now have Winston to train so he too can be a friend and companion for another autistic child so he/she can lead a very full and happy life.

We are so thrilled to be training these wonderful poodles that Adam & Josh are raising in a great home atmosphere with true love and dedication.

We are true converts to poodles(Magisterial Kennels) Great, wonderful, loving dogs.

Superb job Adam & Josh!

Todd & Fiona Steele
Dundas, Ontario


When my boyfriend and I decided we were ready for a puppy, we researched and researched a type of breed that was suited for us. Him, being allergic to most dogs, and myself, wanting a large breed, made selecting the breed a little more difficult. Until finally, I stumbled upon a giant schnauzer. Not only was this dog beautiful, it was highly intelligent and none shedding. It was a moderate energy dog that liked to be active with a people pleasing attitude. Perfect! After youtubing all and any videos with a giant schnauzer in it, Jordan and I decided this was the dog for us.

When we found Magisterial Kennels, the website itself impressed me. The way they talked about the dogs they owned showed me that the dog I'd be owning would not only be a high quality dog, but a loving and caring one. We contacted them right away. Adam was very kind and helped us with any questions we had about the breed we wanted. He always got back to us right away about any concerns we had making the process enjoyable and easy.

Then the waiting game was over! A few months later, my boyfriend and I were graced with not one, but TWO magisterial babies! Because we lived quite far from them, we had the puppies flown to an airport a bit closer to us. I was nervous about them flying, but Adam reassured me all would be fine. I was actually fortunate to meet another couple waiting for their magisterial baby! They had a Giant already and reassured us how much fun it was going to be raising them. Then I heard a little bark. And I, of course, burst into tears if excitement. The second I had the two babies in my hands I called Adam and told him how amazing they were and thanked him for everything he had done for us.

It's been a few months now, and siblings Cali and Bane, are two of the smartest, well behaved and polite dogs I have ever met. They were ridiculously easy to train and I couldn't be happier with their temperament. Bane is very bold and brave and outgoing, where as Cali is more shy and sweet. They are everything I asked for and more and I couldn't have done it with out Adam and Magisetrial!

Thanks again!

Rachel, Jordan, Bane and Cali

Hi Adam and Joshua,

After months and months of looking, we were fortunate to come across Magisterial Kennels, and we have nothing but great things to say about the experience of adopting our Magisterial Cairn. Even when we couldn't think of what question to ask, Adam and Joshua were filling us with as much information as possible for the adventure we were about to embark on. Still to this day we consider it fate that Chloe became available because she has been the most exciting addition to our family. She was exactly what we were looking for, and so much more! We could not picture our life without her. She has adopted to condo living very well, and absolutely loves going for car rides. She has also chosen her 'spot' in the condo, which is on top of the toy box in front of one of the living room windows. Ever since she was able to get up there, she lays on the window ledge in the sunshine. Now that she's gotten bigger, we'll sometimes put her bed up there so she can lay in the sunshine to take one of her naps. Our little girl also just recently graduated from Puppy Education. We couldn't be more proud! Adopting our little girl from Magisterial Kennels was the best decision we ever made, and we would not have to think twice when recommending a breeder to any one.


Katelyn and Jeff

We have three Magisterial Giant Schnauzers. We take them with us as often as we can and even bought a new SUV so we can take them more often! As for Adam and Joshua and the rest of the crew at Magisterial, they are wonderful and have become part of our family; they are always there for us. We appreciate what they have done for us by giving us our girls.....I waited along time for them!

Doug and Mary Lou

Adam and Joshua,

We have had our Cairn Terrier puppy Charlie in our lives for five months now and can't imagine life without her. The whole process has been a wonderful experience. From the day we brought her home until now we have received great support from you guys. All our questions asked and we know we can contact you with any questions or concerns and have. Just seeing her that first day in such a loving environment made everything feel so right about having her as part of our family. Charlie loves the outdoors and everything about it from running in the woods, swimming and canoeing but also enjoys snuggling and companionship. What really amazes me is how she loves to play and get dirty then an hour later she looks great again. I also love the fact that she is the perfect size to go anywhere, doesn't shed and her care is easy. She is best friends with our one cat now and gets along well with all other dogs and people that she meets. She is definitely a big dog in a little dogs body which was how she was described to me. Thankyou both for everything. We look forward to many years of enjoyment with her.

Rose Thompson and family

Dear Adam and Joshua,

We would love to give you an update on our Standard Poodle "Ryker". Ryker has become the love of our life. A day does not pass in which he makes us laugh. He keeps us active, he makes us smile and best of all he is a great dog. You both made it easy for us to select our puppy. The puppies are well socialized and cared for and this comes across in their personality. Ryker has learned to swim this summer and now we cannot pass the lake without him heading in that direction. He knows where his swim toys are kept and will remind us frequently. He is ball obsessed. Where ever you may be in the house or yard his balls are always with him. He loves to place the balls in whatever you are doing, loading the dishwasher , he will put the ball in the dishwasher. Working in the garden, he will put the ball in the hole you are digging. Loading the car for travel and he will put his ball in the car. My mother was moving and he was placing his ball in each box we were packing. His vocabulary is expanding like crazy. He gives us his little head tilt as he is processing the conversation. He thinks things through and seems even to problem solve when needed. One day he placed his ball behind the sectional sofa in our family room. We watched him for quite some time processing how he was going to retrieve this ball. He did. The is loves to cuddle and have belly rubs, the more time for belly rubs the better. He loves to snuggle, we have woke many mornings with his head on our pillows sleeping like a person.

Thank you again for Ryker. :}

Rob and Anita

Hi Adam,

3 months ago we purchased our Giant Schnauzer puppy (Grover) from you at Magisterial Kennels. Since the day he arrived Grover has been a fantastic addition to our family. He is amazing with our children, so patient with them. He takes all the hugs and kisses in his stride and is never anything but gentle. When we brought Grover home we had another dog (Dougal) and again there were no problems between the 2 dogs at all. Sadly we recently lost Dougal and have been very grateful for all the love Grover has to offer (he is a total suck and loves nothing better than a cuddle). He has been doing very well in his training and tries so hard to please - just a great dog who we love very much.

The adoption process with Magisterial was very reassuring. I was unable to visit the kennel before Grover came to us but Adam was always available to chat and answer any questions I had and make me very comfortable I was choosing the correct breeder and the correct breed. When Grover arrived he came with a pack of goodies all of which eased his transition and from day 1 he was a confident happy fellow proving to us he had been well handled and loved the first 8 weeks of his life.

Thank you and hopefully some time in the future we'll be able to get a new brother or sister for him :)

Lesley Trail


Hi Adam

Magisterial's Brittany S. Pierce came in to our lives in April 2012 and our family is now complete. Adopting her was a great experience! Adam and Joshua were there every step of the way to answer my many questions!! She is an amazing dog and so intelligent! She is fabulous with the kids and fit right in with her 2 fur brothers!! We are looking forward to doing adoptions with Magisterial again in the future! As a groomer of 11 years I have to say Pierce has the most beautiful coat I have ever worked with! Her coat is easy to manage and so fabulous to groom!

Pierce gets along so well with all other dogs and LOVES children. It was clear from day one that Adam and Joshua were the perfect breeders for our new furry baby :)


4 On The Floor Pet Grooming
613-884-PAWS (7297)
Some artist have paper and pencils, some canvas and paint. Me I have fur and scissors.

Hi Adam and Joshua,

Just wanted to let you know how much we are enjoying our six month old poodle puppy Zeus. You convinced us to adopt a male puppy and we are not disappointed. He is the perfect companion for our four year old standard poodle Brie. They are inseparable friends- he has been a very stable calming influence and they are a joy together . He has his own unique personality- never wants to leave the house without bringing one of his toys with him We appreciated the wonderful beginnings you gave him and how easy you made the adoption process ,

Kindest regards,

Betsy, and David

We spent several years researching dogs based on temperment, size and the fact we have family members with allergies . We chose the Standard Poodle. After further research and talking to Adam , we decided when the time came, we would definitely get our poodle from Magisterial.Although we had always planned to get a dog, our intent was to wait until we no longer had our two cats.With our cat "Spot" nearing 17 years of age, with no sign of slowing down, we decided to reserve a puppy from the fall litter. That was our intent until Adam called us at the beginning of May and told us about a litter of ten puppies After talking to Adam and seeing a pic of a beautiful pale apricot puppy , our plans changed again . Our family had the pleasure of meeting our Lovely Luna , along with her parents and siblings at the beginning of June. It was wonderful to meet Adam, Josh and family and see the home where Luna was born.Three weeks later, we expected to make the trip back, but once again plans changed .Adam and Josh were bringing three other puppies to Ottawa and so we were treated to a home delivery, a day earlier than expected.If Luna's first night was an indication of things to come, we had chosen the perfect dog.She barked for a few minutes and slept the rest of the night...probably worn out from sharing her first evening with a sleepover birthday with 8 10 year olds.Luna camped with us six days later..Other than not liking the pitchblack of the trailer, (resolved with a night light) one in the campground would have known we had a dog because she slept eight hours each night.She is almost five months old..she loves the car, she runs with many dogs each night and has a new Nanny and Granddad who adore her and whose home she is "welcome in anytime" because she is "such a lovely girl"As for Spot, he is now 17 and tolerates her but can't figure out why she keeps getting bigger..She has acquired a taste for catfood when we aren't looking ,but their relationship has been amazing to watch.We love our Luna and confirming what Adam said during one of our first conversations ..."We wonder why we didn't get one sooner!?!

Jeremy, Sandra, Kirsten, Jessica, Allison + Spot Griffin

I am writing this letter to say how thrilled we are with our newest member of our family. His name is Leo (Magisterial's King Leopold) and he is a beautiful white Standard Poodle. Leo fit in with us perfectly and I couldn't of asked for a more behaved dog. I have purchased a few dogs before from breeders, and I can honestly say that Magisterial were the most professional through out the whole process, from my first phone call inquiring about a puppy to weeks after taking my boy home. They continued to care and were more then willing to to help me with any questions or concerns. I would definitely recommend them to anyone who is interested in purchasing a puppy.

Thank you again Adam and Josh,


Cindy Harvey

Adam & Josh,

Since early October of this year, our lives have definitely changed for the better! Our new addition, Walter, a male red wheaten Cairn Terrier, who we adopted from Adam and Joshua, has added so much joy and laughter to our lives we can’t believe it. After months of research, numerous sketchy phone conversations with “breeders,” followed by plenty of skepticism and doubt, my husband Josh and I came across Magisterial on the Internet, and our first conversation with Adam put all of our worries about where to find a healthy puppy at ease. After just moments on the phone, we had set up a visit with Adam to meet a new male Cairn Terrier. Magisterial is situated out in the country on acres of land, ideal for raising strong, healthy puppies. We were so impressed with the facility, as well as the abundance of information Adam and Joshua had to offer in regards to Cairn Terriers, first time pet owners, and breeding in general. All in all, our experience with Magisterial was “first class.”

We have had Walter for 5 months now and we couldn’t imagine our lives without him. Adam takes a devoted interest in Walter’s well-being, even now, and we would strongly recommend anyone interested in adopting a puppy to get in touch with Adam at Magisterial before looking anywhere else. Our experience was, and continues to be, a wonderful one!

Thanks for everything Adam and Joshua
Amy, Josh, & Walter

To Whom It May Concern:

My husband and I met with Adam & Josh at their nice, bright home in the country shortly before Christmas. All the vibes were right from the second we arrived. We found Adam and Joshua really friendly, and easy to talk with, and the environment really positive in every way for their dogs. It was hard to tear our eyes away from the puppy, that was 4 months old, walking around and playing with his mother. We were there to meet him, and to decide whether to take him home, or wait for one of the new pups. Within a minute, and without saying anything to each other, it was clear that we both wanted him. He was so soft, and clean, and he looked adorable with his apricot toned hair in a puppy clip. We have had Baaz home with us now for about 5 weeks, and we couldn’t be happier. He adjusted quite quickly to us, and his new home. Over the holiday season he delighted everyone in the family with his good looks and affectionate nature. People noticed how well behaved he was , and for that we must give credit to Josh and Adam, because he had only been home with us for a week! Josh and Adam, obviously care deeply about socializing and training their own dogs. Baaz was trusting, and calm, and that says a lot about his pedigree too. Baaz (and we) have benefited greatly from the attention he received in the first 4 months of this life at Magisterial Kennels. Thanks guy! We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend you and your dogs to anyone!

Patti & Eric French

Hi Adam and Josh,

We are having so much fun with Lilly in our lives. She is such a good puppy. She is so different from the miniature poodle I had before. The mini didn't play with toys or chase anything. It hated to be outside any longer than it had to. But Lilly loves to be outside. We've had to buy her boots (muttlucks) for the days right after she's been clipped. Without them, she was coming in with red, raw paws after only 10 minutes or so. But now she will stay out until I bribe her to come in and get a "cookie" (milkbone). She loves to go for walks too. We take her every morning and again in the evening before bedtime. She already knows the word "walk" and will head for the front door if anyone says it. Lilly's favourite game is chasing a ball. Unfortunately, she'll only bring it back 6 or 8 times, then she just wants to sit down and chew it.

Our friends are so amazed at how quiet and well behaved she is. She does bark if someone comes up the driveway, but stops once I open the door. She doesn't try to bolt out the door at all. I've had several political group meetings here, and she greets each guest at the door but then just lays down on the floor and seems content to just be where the action is.

We were so impressed with your home, and your property, when we went to see Lilly and her littermates. It's a wonderful place to raise puppies. When I saw that the puppies were all in the house, and not in kennels, I knew we were going to get a well adjusted puppy, well on her way to being socialized. I've made a point of taking her to meet other dogs as well as people so that she would not be fearful of either. She doesn't go jumping or licking all over strangers like a lab puppy would, but she is willing to approach them and eventually let them pet her. She's a cautious, but polite girl. In fact she is so well behaved that her groomer asked for your business card because he is considering getting another poodle too. (Of course I gave it to him!)

Lilly has mastered the command to "sit" and is mostly consistent with "come" except when she is outside and the neighbours three dogs are out. They visit through the fence and she won't come in until they go in, even if I offer the cookie. I wanted to wait until she was six or seven months old before starting formal puppy classes, but it will soon be time to start. I also wanted to get her used to going in the car too, because the trainer that has been highly recommended by several sources, including my brother in law who is the local SPCA officer, is a twenty minute drive from my home.

Lilly mostly gets along with her new feline sisters, and they will all lay on the bed together. But sometimes she likes to see them run, and she knows they will if she pounces in front of them. She mostly only scares them off if she sees the treat bag come out, or if she wants our attention all to herself. Who says dogs don't think like people! Sometimes they get tired of her antics and will swat at her, but amazingly, never with their claws out. They must know she is young.

It's such a joy to have an animal greet us with such obvious pleasure again. The cats just don't get that excited about our arrival, but you know that Lilly is glad to see us. Thank you for putting that joy back in our home. There are 8 pictures attached, you can see the great back yard she has to play in. Feel free to choose any of the pictures or any part of the letter to include on your website.

We'll keep in touch,
Karen and Hoy Chow,
Trenton, Ontario

Adam & Joshua,

Just wanted to let you know about Matisse, the Standard poodle puppy we purchased from you last August. The first night home was a sleepless night, but since that night Matisse has slept peacefully in his crate every night. He was house trained very quickly and quick to learn voice and hand signals. He has his own personality and loves to get us going with his antics. We really appreciated that Matisse spent his first few weeks in a home environment. You were very particular and meticulous about the purchase process and we appreciated that. Everything went smoothly. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend you to anyone thinking of purchasing a puppy. Thanks for the new addition to our family.

Dr. Diane Munro
Huntsville, ON
Please feel free to give out my number or email as a reference for you and Josh.

Just wanted you to know how much we love Nema. She is the perfect fit into this family. She is quiet in the house, obedient, friendly. If is fabulous that she has attached to Owen like she has. Sophie did too, and was the highlight of his life, but Nems just pushed right in there. Sophie is now Izzys buddy as she is more tolerant of Izzys friendly torture! Izzy grabs Sophie's fur and pulls herself up to a standing position.

I guess my computer is refusing again to send that photo, we really need dial up.

We are going away on vacation Feb 15th to the 20th. Sophie and Nema will be staying with my aunt Debbie. I am sure they will get along fine. Owen is worried that Nema will miss him and be sad. Owen reads Nema and Sophie stories at night in his bed. Nema's favorite person is Owen. He has learned to be gentler on her b/c she will leave if he hugs her too tight or snuggles too close. He used to smother Sophie~

Nema has a confirmation match this weekend. i hope to make it. it will be judged by Todd Foley which is Allison Foleys husband. I am not sure i fyou know her or not but she is a professional handler and handles a lot of poodles, and goes to the westminister.

My handling classes are good, i enjoy it. Nema pulls every elastic I put in her hair to keep it from breaking~

I am back to work in March. I have been fortunate to have this time off with the kids and my dogs. You should see how big Nema is. She is a beautiful girl.

Thank you for her

Terri Lynn
Nova Scotia, Canada

My husband and I have bought a Standard Poodle from Adam and Joshua. Bobby is now a two year old male standard poodle. He is the most loving and calm dog I have met. We were so happy to have the opportunity to add Bobby to our family. We visited with Adam and were so impressed with the environment the dogs and puppies were raised in. They truly love all there dogs and treat them like family members. It really does make a big difference to the wellbeing of the puppies they raise. I have also contacted Adam many times with questions and he has been so very supportive and knowledgeable. I wouldn't hesitate to purchase a puppy from them and would recommend them to anyone looking for a poodle.

Karen and Frank
Buckhorn, Ontario

Josuha and Adam,

Re: Maggie

After loosing our Cairn Terrier, Indy who was not even 22 months old to an unfortunate car accident, my wife and I were left with a void in our hearts that we never thought could be filled. For the first month or so, we could not imagine replacing her, but Indy had a big brother Westie who was clearly missing a companion.

We came upon Magisterial Kennels and proceeded to contact Adam and Joshua to inquire about possibly aquiring a puppy from them. After lenghty discussions through email and telephone regarding our situation and what we were looking for they took time to find the perfect addition to our family. Finding a pup that was well socialized, with a spirited personality was an absolute must for us, and boy did they deliver. Upon arriving at their HOME we instantly noticed an exceptionally clean environment for any place never mind where there were more than a handful of puppies being raised. All were running around, playing with eachother (being chased by our soon to be pup) and were clearly personally raised and well socialized by Adam and Joshua.

Maggie turned out to be everything we were looking for and more. Not only was she perfectly socialized, and house trained, she had a hearty appetite, was confident and outgoing; but all that aside, physically was ideal to the Cairn standard. Without question she could have been a champion if we had the time to put her through her paces. We took her to a few classes for fun and were told by well seasoned judges she was an absolute natural.

We would love to thank Joshua and Adam for taking the attention they put into finding our ideal baby girl who has filled out hearts with undescribably joy, and for the ultimate playmate for her brother Oscar.


Mike and Sandrine Zuliani

Dear Adam:

Zoe will be 2 years old on 11 March 2010. I cannot believe that it's been that long!
When I first contacted you and Joshua some 6 months before Zoe came home with me, I am certain that you sensed my trepidation. Not only do I have commitment issues, I had never adopted a dog. I was overwhelmed with the information on the internet that stated pet shops were ridden with sick and faulted pets, and that some breeders were to be avoided and feared. How would I make the right choice? A dog is a long commitment and there was no question of adopting one and then changing my mind. I would be part of the problem!
I continued to do the research I needed to do to ensure that I chose the right breed: reading breed profiles, answering quizzes designed to checklist lifestyles and match appropriate breeds, leafing through books to confirm the information found on the internet, speaking to dog-owners, etc. In very few emails to you, and in hindsight, I am certain that you could sense my appreciation, all the while knowing that I had set my heart in having a four-legged companion.
The Cairn Terrier brought me to your website. My first contact with you left me feeling that there was someone at the other end that had a passion for what they were doing. I politely thanked you for the information you had provided but needed to reflect on what I had just learned: quick decisions were never my forte! You contacted me at appropriate times to check in with me to see how I was coming along with my decision, answering my questions and addressing my concerns. Never was there a hesitation to provide references. In fact, the references provided were not those that I expected: someone familiar to you who would give me "all the right answers". Instead, they were references from previous owners who not quite expected a phone call from me but were happy to provide honest feedback. Still ... I needed time and needed to plan if it was feasible for me, living on the 9th foor of an apartment building and having a full-time job. Freedom was my middle name. Some time after, you didn't hesitate to pick up the phone and call me to address any other concerns. At the end of conversation, you invited me yet again to call you if I wanted to talk again.
Upon arrival to your home in the outskirts of Kingston, I felt welcome. You and Joshua were nothing but warm and inviting and thrilled to show us your loving home filled with happy puppies, a dotting dam and a somewhat frisky sire Cairn. It was love at first site. In fact, it was the first time that I heard my aging mother squeel with joy when she walked outside to find the litter playing joyfully in a pen.
We returned a few weeks later to pick up Zoe and bring her home. You and Josh took the time to ensure that the transition and the departure was comfortable for all concerned. The gift of a puppy care package and the last blanket swaddle from Zoe's Mom to ensure that my puppy felt safe and secure for her ride home to Ottawa made my heart swell. Over the course of the first few weeks, you patiently answered my semi-frantic emails with questions that new Moms have when they take their first puppy home - even the stupid questions!
Needless to say, it was a wonderful experience that just keeps on giving - and occasionally calling to see how things are going. For this, I am grateful and feel very lucky to have chosen a breeder of your calibre! I have kind and caring friends at Majesterial.
Kind and warm regards,

Manon and Zoe Pretoria of Magisterial
Ottawa, ON

Adam & Josh,

We can't believe its only been four months since Sadie has arrived at our home. We can hardly imagine life without her. Although our hunt for a family dog did not initially lead us to consider a poodle, she has been by far the best choice for us! We wanted to thank you for providing us with a wealth of information, and I wanted to thank you especially for allowing me to make my choice without pressure. Additionally, I have been so impressed by both your kennel and your amazing follow-up and availability for all of my concerns.

Sadie is sweet, gentle, and intelligent. I have never yet met a dog who will so easily crawl into your lap to snuggle, even if by this point she might be getting just a little bit too big. She has settled in remarkably well to our family routine, and I am every morning delighted when she greets me at the top of the stairs. We are constantly receiving compliments and praise out on our walks and she is generally believed to be the bounciest puppy in our neighbourhood. She is always eager to meet new people and other dogs. She is happy being the centre of attention and we wouldn't have it any other way.

Your kennel will always be the first to mind when someone should ask about a dog, and we will forever be poodle fans! Thank you again.


Anne Barratt & Family.


We were already the proud owners of a beautiful light coloured apricot poodle named Gitta. We had decided that she needed a play mate to play with . Bacchus was the last puppy from Adam’s October litter. This 15 pound ball of fur came into our lives and Gitta’s in February. Bacchus has now grown into the most magnificent poodle that you could imagine. He is Champagne in colour, brown eyes and nose and very pink lips.
He has certainly amazed us with his intelligence and adaptability.
We are out on a hobby farm and raise chickens and ducks . From a very young age he was taught that it was not acceptable to chase any birds. He and Gitta run off leash to the back of the farm and romp and play chasing freebies. When called they respond and come back to the house. It is such fun to play with them and watch just how high they can jump. They have endless energy and are always so eager to go and play outside.
We are so impressed with the two poodles. They are so elegant, gentle, intelligent, loving, and devoted. These are but a few adjectives to describe these poodles.

When we acquired Bacchus we had the added pleasure of having him delivered to our home by Adam. It was re-assuring to know that if any problems came along I could phone and seek their advice, experience and reassurance.

Ottawa, ON


What a FABULOUS dog! That is the comment we get all the time. And it’s true – Scout is a fabulous dog. A lot of time and research went in to choosing a Cairn terrier for our first family dog especially since we have a member of the family with severe dog allergies and have a younger child who was petrified of dogs. Of all the websites I read while looking for a breeder I liked Magisterial Kennels. I sent my application for a pup but also had my Dad give them a call as we are living in China. That was followed by an interview with Adam via Yahoo Messenger. Via webcam Adam showed us the pup we had hoped to get and my son circled Scout from the list of names he had chosen. It was quite an interesting process all in all. Scout flew from Magisterial Kennels to my Dad’s in Calgary where we met him a few weeks later after arriving from China. From there he drove with us to Edmonton and stayed there until we finished our summer visit. Scout then flew from Edmonton to Shanghai, spent 7 days in quarantine, and then was driven home to Nanjing. Scout adjusted to the changes very well for a scared little puppy. He is a smart, fun loving dog with a great personality. He fit our family like a glove. Magisterial socialised him very well. He is great with children of all ages. He even puts up with the taunts from our youngest. He is great with all breeds of dogs, big and small, and friends with all. I could not have asked for a better dog than Scout. Expats from many other countries and even Chinese neighbours have said “what a fabulous dog”. Thanks Magisterial Kennels for all the help in making Scout’s transition a good one.

The Modiens
Nanjing, Jiangsu, China

Dear Adam & Josh,

We want to thank you two so much for our little man, Carter. He is everything that we hoped he would be and more. Carter is the perfect fir for us, as he can be a real couch potato but also loves to run around and play. His colouring has turned out beautiful, just like you predicted, which we are extremely pleased about.

Carter has so much personality and we really appreciate how well he was raised before he came to us. We take him to the local dog park most weekends and almost everytime someone comments on how our dog is the friendliest dog there. He loves to play with other dogs, especially the big ones, and is never shy! We get asked quite often about what kind of terrier he is and we always tell people about you guys and our experience with you.

Carter went through puppy and intermediate training at PetSmart and passed both as the 'Top Dog'! He is extremely smart and learns new tricks well. Some of our favourites are roll-over & bow!

We take him up to our cottage in the summer where he loves to run around, go for hikes and swim. He also enjoys a hotdog by the campfire!

Again Thank you so much for our Magisterial Puppy!


Melissa, Darby & Carter

Hi Adam,

Misha (our big puppy) is doing very well. He has grown into a very big dog and very beautiful. He is a very good listener and loves our kids and serves as a very good alarm clock in the morning by jumping on our beds and showing his nose in our faces. We love it. We go to local bogs and parks and of course he loves to go to the beach. There is a doggy beach close to our house and all the people love to watch him swim all the time. He also loves to put his whole head under water to retrieve a toy or looks for something. I have never seen it, but he seems to like it. He is also a very good guard dog and has made our poor mailman very cautious. Although the only thing the big puppy would do is jump on the person and try to play. He has a very strong bark though. He also like to play nicely with our two cats and takes very good care of them and scares away all the other neighbourhood cats that don't belong on our property. So thank you so much for letting us have this great dog. We have lots of fun with him

P.S.: Our friends have the same kinds of Poodle (same size, colour), but ours is much smarter and nicer. :-)

Vancouver, BC

Hi Adam and Josh,

Sorry we have not been in touch sooner! Tessa has been a great addition to our family. She is a wonderful companion for both Larry and I especially with both boys in University. She is spirited, lovable and has such a great personality. As for her and Tucker, it has been like they have always been together. They are very protective of each other and inseparable! They spend lots of time together playing or cuddling up watching outside.
She is an absolute joy tho have around and brings a smile to anyone is is around her!
Here are some pictures for you to enjoy!

Larry, Tina, Matt and Ryan Mapletoft

To Adam Moore & Joshua Dent

We would like to take this time to thank you so much for our new little Cairn Terrier puppy we named Spike. Spike is just like his name, full of personality, spunk, and energy, quite a character which we love. It was so nice to meet such a caring and knowledgeable breeder when you allowed us to come see Spike when he was just 6 weeks old. We were so impressed with how clean and spotless your home was, having so many doggies in the house. It was important to us that our puppy come from a clean and loving home and you passed with flying colours. Adam, you were so helpful answering my numerous phone calls and questions I had about the breed of dog and the health of our new puppy. Spike was a clean and healthy and happy puppy when we came to pick him up to bring him home. His colouring is absolutely gorgeous and people stop me on the street to tell me what a cute dog we have. Spike loves kids, dogs, and people, he gets along with everyone and is just such a happy little guy. We took him to puppy school where he won the recall challenge over all the other breeds of dogs. Everyone was cheering for Spike because he was so funny to watch cause he puts his heart and soul into every activity he does. He is so smart that at the age of three months old he could already sit, beg, shake paw, speak, dance, and roll over and lay down. I give you Adam and Joshua all the credit for breeding such great dogs and I have told everyone I know if you are looking to purchase a puppy go to MAGISTERIAL KENNELS for the most positive memorable experience. Thank you so so much for our loveable and cuddly Cairn Terrier, our house is now a home. Wishing you continuing success in your breeding, keep up the good work.

Love ya, the Lacaria's.

Adam and Joshua,

It goes without saying that my decision to get a Magisterial Puppy was one of the best I have ever made. As you know, I looked at many different breeders of standard poodles but in the end it was the expertise and support of the both of you that made my decision an easy one. Juno is such a wonderful addition to my family. She is so intelligent and loving. When we spoke about the type of dog I would need you understood exactly where I was coming from and were able to find the perfect fit. She has the exact personality you thought she would have, and that, combined with your advice, has made her transition into my home an easy one. Getting a new sibling is always an adjustment, but Reiley, my toy poodle, has had no trouble accepting Juno for the lady that she is. I know that is a reflection of your ability to not only breed amazing dogs, but also to raise them as loving life-long companions.
I wish you both nothing but the best in the future. I have no doubt that like me, anyone who chooses a Magisterial puppy will be happier than words could ever say.

In the love of Poodles,
Angela, Juno and Reiley

Hi Adam and Josh

Just wanted to send you a quick note to let you know Hope is still doing wonderfully. I know that no dog is perfect but this one is close. Hope has become such a good companion; she has a wonderful disposition and temperament - she is so smart and exceptionally patient; each day she simply amazes me. Hate to sound like a proud father . . . but I am . . . she is a good girl.
Hope has fit in well here; she seems to have a sense of when, and with whom, it is ok to be rambunctious and playful, and when it is quiet time. She has trained rather easily with very little puppy mischief. As you know our home is quite active; Hope has adapted well to this busy family life while taking our widely varying schedules in her stride. She travels well and she has proven to be very social. Hope is great with our younger kids and plays well with them and their friends. The older kids have commented on how engaging she is - they like the fact that she is learning to fetch, she comes well when called, she sits and stays, and, most importantly she is open to the rougher play teenage boys seem prone towards. Hope is affectionate with all our kids and is very comfortable being touched by strangers.
Hope spends her days with me in the office and has become quite respectful of clients - she only approaches them when given the "ok" and stays on her cushion otherwise. Actually the biggest problem has been training the clients to let me tell Hope when it's ok to greet them - humans can be so difficult! There are still things she needs to learn but her progress has been remarkable. I certainly do not anticipate any problems with her future training. The suggestions received from you two have certainly helped in Hope's training process. I appreciate your follow-up and ongoing advice.
We have had Hope now for over six months - the experience has been great - right from our low pressure information-based introduction, to selecting Hope and to training advice and follow up, our experience has been "top-shelf." Hope is not just a great dog, she has been a great addition to our family.
I will keep in touch.

Howard Edwards

Hello Adam and Josh,

I have attached a few pics of Che. I have been meaning to write and tell you how happy we are with him for ages. Finally I am off work for a couple of weeks and have a few moments. Honestly we can't take him for a walk without people telling us how beautiful he is although Ira thinks we should get him a sign that says I am not a doodle. Everyone who visits is amazed how well behaved he is for a 6 month old puppy. He has been a delight ever since we got him. Poor boy gets neutered on monday.
Kingston is a small world - one of the women at my book club, Reina, is one of Josh's nursing instructors.
I hope you both have a lovely christmas holiday.

allison, ira and che

Dear Adam and Joshua,

Just a short note to thank you both for all of the unconditional support and care you afforded me in making a decision to get a standard poodle. I am the sort of person that cautiously undertakes things as I always want to make sure I ‘do the right thing’, and my decision to own a standard poodle has not been one that I have regretted. From our initial telephone conversation to coming to Magisterial Kennels to meet the “gang” (both human and canine) and seeing a prospective poodle puppy, to making a decision that I really could do this, to then raising a standard poodle puppy that was well socialized both in terms of human contact and domestic life.

It is hard to imagine what life was like before Samantha (Sam), and certainly watching her grow up and learn with ease…at times I think Sam really did help me train her. Sam’s personality and ease and grace with which she has adapted to life with me still remains a source of amazement and wonder for me, and at times I even think she has also helped to train me. Sam arrived a mere 5+ pounds, and now at just over a year is now more than 10x her weight. An avid learner and keen observer, Sam was easy to train, and very sociable engaging whatever canine or human that takes an interest in I sometimes wonder what makes her unique. A large part of that I am sure is the early and continuous human contact and socialization that puppies at Magisterial are exposed to from day one. Regular check-ins that either I initiated, or that Adam did as a course of follow-up were of great help in the raising of Sam and also helped ease me through the process of raising a poodle. Sam has been an avid learner, and moves through her day with the grace and ease of a well-adapted poodle and I believe this is in large part related to the environment provided by Adam at Joshua at Magisterial Kennels.

In preparing myself to be a ‘poodle-person’ I read almost every book available + also consulted with Adam regularly, who was a reliable source of information as well as strength to me as I became Sam’s human, however nothing could really have prepared me for what a believe is a unique experience that each new poodle owner must undergo. I have nothing but positive accolades for the puppies and dogs of Magisterial as well as Adam and Joshua. I can certainly see myself owning another, and know that Sam will certainly be helpful to me in the raising of a second poodle in the near future when Sam is more physically, mentally and emotionally mature. Expect a call !

Thank you so much for all that you do at Magisterial Kennels for all that you do + also all that you have done by providing me with not just a poodle-puppy, but with a wonderful poodle that is also a great companion with a temperament and intellect that constantly amazes me.

With sincere thanks and appreciation,

Dr. David A. Bray

Toronto, Ontario

There are so many wonderful things to say about Magisterial Kennels that it’s hard to start...

First of all, let us gush about our Magisterial Poodle. Sago, a female apricot, arrived in our homes and our hearts on September 28th. She is compact, slight, very athletic and loves the outdoors. But she is also quite content resting (read : lounging) on the couch or sleeping on her blanket. We love her temperament : sweet, fun-loving with a sense of humour, and willing to learn quickly. She has adapted very well to her new environment and has taken upon herself to guard her family and her home. Sago does not bark unnecessarily – Poodles rarely do – but has found her voice, a deep bark, when she feels the need to alert those around her. Our Poodle is also very easy to groom...she enjoys having her teeth brushed and her ears cleaned every morning. She is also quite receptive to having her nails clipped. We are, however, still negociating the combing and brushing....

For those with allergies, a Poodle is shedding! Our couches and rugs remain free of dog hair.

Now, about Magisterial Kennels... We discovered this kennel through the Dogs in Canada website and liked what we saw. No puppy mill here, and that was essential to us! We completed the application form and spoke with Adam Moore, and then had a chat also with Joshua Dent. Because of circumstances, we could not go to their kennel....Adam and his mom came to us!! And our new furry friend came with her own box of goodies – everything to start the stay off well, including a blankkie with the smells of « back home ». We cannot say enough about the service, the kindness and the professionalism of both Adam and Joshua. Adam made this adoption so, very was meant to be. He even made sure that our CKC papers were in French. That little detail just shows how meticulous and attentive the breeders of Magisterial Kennels are.

We have recommended Magisterial Kennels to one of our friends who is thinking of adopting and would recommend them to anyone who wants to deal with a kennel where dogs are raised with love and dedication and where the breeders are serious about choosing their puppies’ new homes carefully.

Jerome and Carmen Berthelette

Ottawa, Ontario

!Hi Adam & Josh,

We just wanted to let you know that Riley has brought so much joy to our family, that we can't imagine our lives without him. We owe this to you and the spectacular job that you and Josh did with his raising. We looked long and hard for our Canadian boy and we are so happy we found you guys. I couldn't imagine anyone else helping us out as much as you did and being as patient as you were. By the time he arrived to us we felt as though we already knew him and were well prepared for what was to come. We will recommend you to all of our friends and family when they are ready for a dog, and as you know our vet has reserved a puppy with you for the spring. You can count on us calling you in a few months to arrange for a girlfriend for Riley. We wouldn't even consider another breed or breeder!

Thanks again for everything. You are in our thoughts everytime Riley makes us smile.

The Richards Family
Los Angeles, USA




Hi Guys,

Just thought you would enjoy an update on Sophia. She settled in very well after her long flight. I still can't beleive that she didn't have a single accident, but you had told me she likely wouldn't. I'm sorry if I was ever a pain to you. Once she arrived and I seen with my own eyes how beautiful and healthy she was, it was very clear that she had lived a very good life. This was even more obvious as we spent our first week together. There honestly isn't anything that scares her. While I have the carpet cleaner on, she comes right up to it and wants to know how she can make fun of it. She hasn't had a single accident in the house either. I'm now a firm beleiver that the Standard Poodle is the most intelligent breed available. She comes when called and doesn't jump up. We couldn't be more pleased. Our friends say we are lucky but we are quick to inform them that it is because of you that she is who she is today.

All the wait was certainly worth it. If we knew then, what we know now, we probably would have purchased her years sooner. Everyone here is very interested in her, as she looks quite different than the local Standard Poodles. Of course we feel she is the better of the bunch.

Well, this won't be the last you hear from us. We hope to stay in touch and remember, our offer of staying with us if you come to visit continues to stand. We would love to have you.

Forever Thankfull,

Louise and Lex
Frankfurt, Germany

Adam and Joshua,

We wanted to update you on how Boomer is doing. He’s fantastic and we couldn’t be happier ourselves! He has truly enriched our lives with his loving personality and energetic temperament. He adds such excitement to our day to day lives; his constant tail wagging for attention, going for long walks, even when he brings home vermin (with a proud look on his booming face)! Boomer is definitely a unique character in himself. He coined his name Boomer exactly for that reason--he’s always booming!!! He is friendly with everyone; he especially loves young children, always playfully chasing them around.

He is vibrant and full of energy, but very independent. He doesn't like to cuddle, well not with me anyway...he loves to curl up on John's lap though..haha. We are so grateful that we stumbled upon your Ad for Boomer. We tell everyone we come across, who is interested in a puppy to contact Magisterial. You guys have done an exceedingly great job of providing pet lovers with great additions to their family. We would highly recommend you to anyone. Thanks a million!!!

Please keep in touch & All the best,

John, Susanna and Boomer
Toronto, Ontario

Adam & Joshua,

As with all my new animals, I plan to keep a daily journal for future reference. After today I won't bore you with Robin's antics, but I thought I would share his first afternoon and evening in Deep River. Little Red Robert (or Robin) had no adjustment problems in his new home thanks to the excellent job done by the breeder during Robin's first two months of life.
At the vet's Robin was declared "perfect" and I bought him a tiny puppy
Kong. Robin has no interest whatsoever in the puppy Kong - only in the top-of-the-line super Kong belonging to the Lab. He has also rejected all other "baby" toys, preferring the heavy duty "Galileo bone" belonging to Hersey. Three-and-a-half pound Robin has no fear whatsoever of 96-pound Hersey (Hersey was weighed when Robin was at his vet's appointment), and once Hersey feels he has been tormented long enough downstairs, he heads upstairs to bed.
So far Robin has done his pees and poohs outside in his "poop pen", although this necessitated my getting up at 4.20 this morning when I heard "the call". I answered that particular call, but not the "monkey chatter" at 10.20 when he went to bed last night, since he had had lots of playtime and was snug and warm in his crate with Hersey in the room for company. He fell asleep at about 10.30.
Robin loved playing with the girls. Four-year-old Alison was wearing a long red dress and Robin would tug at the hem for all his was worth, just like Toots in "Lassie Come Home" tugging at the hem of the villain's trousers. Next time Alison plans to wear slacks! Robin went through the full-length agility tunnel right off the bat in both directions, and at good speed. Nothing was really asked of him since it was his first day in a new home, but he offered the tunnel, and sitting up and begging. Robin has his own approach to life - checking new situations out first to make sure they are safe and then heading in full force. He also likes to be held and cuddled, and he is curled in my lap right now.
We've owned many, many dogs over the years, but Magisterial's Red Robert (Robin) is definitely the friendliest one we've ever owned. It's obvious he was well-socialized during his first two months at Magisterial.
Robin loves visiting people, and he also has great social skills when it comes to other dogs. He has performed mini-agility and tricks at seniors' homes and for the hospital, as well as being a repeat "friendly visitor." Robin is one year old.
Robin was in the Santa Claus parade as a sidekick to Hersey, the 95-pound yellow Labrador he lives with, who was pulling Santa in a cart. Robin liked being in the parade and didn't even mind the Santa sweater. For Halloween he visited the seniors' homes dressed as Elliot Moose.
We've never had a Cairn Terrier before, but if Robin and his friends are typical, they seem to us to be a fearless breed full of mischief and fun.
Only get a Cairn Terrier if you like a good laugh!

Colleen & Robin Archer
Deep River, Ontario

Dear Adam and Josh,

Mulder is an extremely special and unique dog. He's our second standard poodle, and although he shares some of the traits that we expected to have in a poodle (comedic, happy, and active), he also brings some special Magisterial qualities to the table. He has an outgoing and pleasant personality that makes him the perfect companion for our other dog (a medium-sized shih tzu/terrier cross). Mulder and Bandit spend hours playing together and it's not uncommon to see the 60 lb poodle lying on his back, completely submitted to the "ferocious" El Bandito who is gnawing on his leg or crawling across his tummy. These two best friends roll around on the grass, chew on each others' legs/ears/tails, chase each other, pause for a breather, and then start it all over again. For hours on end. Until we finally ask them to stop. :-)
We remain convinced that Mulder was once a shoe salesman in a previous life. He carefully brings every shoe from the front hall to the current location we're sitting (office, living room, TV room), one at a time, until all of the shoes are available for our viewing (and trippin over) pleasure. He doesn't chew or destroy shoes, just rearranges them. It's his job. Mulder goes to dog daycare a couple of times a week and we always get first-rate report cards from the staff about his ability to play well with other dogs of all shapes and sizes. He is gentle with my husband's 12 year-old son and loves nothing more than going for a walk or a ride in the car. We're exceptionally happy with Mulder and frequently get comments about his beauty, especially his friendly face and loving eyes. Thanks, Joshua and Adam.
Here's our favourite picture series of Mulder trying out for the Royal Canadian Air Force. Poodle Commander. Everyone who sees these pictures loves them -- it completely captures Mulder's personality, athleticism, and joie de vivre.

Jody & Mulder
Cambridge, Ontario

Dear Adam,

Wishing you and Joshua a Christmas and New Year filled with love, peace and joy! May all your dogs and puppies be healthy and happy in their new homes!

Thank you so much for allowing me the privilege of acquiring a puppy from your "baker's dozen". Pollyanna is a beautiful, intelligent poodle and I love her dearly. She is wonderful with my grandchildren, after she gets over the initial excitement of their arrival. Polly has surpassed all my expectations of a canine companion! She loves our daily walks, now wearing boots that sleigh dogs wear in the Yukon and her fleece-lined jacket. She especially enjoys accompanying me in the car. I've had a dog screen installed in the back of my Subaru, for her safety. She follows my every step throughout the house during the day!
Pollyanna has spent a great deal of time romping, and running on the property. She is very intelligent and I've had to learn new techniques to get her indoors and in her crate, when I want to leave. Unfortunately, I've had to use deceptive means....calling her and treats were no longer working! My grandchild recently told me that all I had to do was ring the doorbell and she would come immediately! It worked! Now that the cold weather is upon us, she comes when called and is instantly given a treat.

I am so pleased that you suggested the "Dog Watch" underground fencing. Neither my vet or dog trainer was familiar with this system and they did not recognize it's benefits. Today, Polly can run freely and enjoy the outdoors in safety. I've had a switch installed on my deck at the lake so that she can not go out onto the ice. In the summer, I can turn the switch off and she can enjoy the water.

With your care and guidance, Pollyanna is a well adjusted poodle! I am very thankful that she is part of my life!

Merry Christmas,

Barbara and Pollyanna
Dowling, Ontario

Hi Adam & Joshua,

I want to thank you for providing me with now three Standard Poodles to become service dogs. I have been in the guide and service dog field for over 20 years and have never had great success working with Poodles, mostly because the ones that I worked with were too busy, or didn’t handle the stress or responsibility of the work asked of them.
Your pedigree/line however seems to have the right ingredients for what I’m looking for in a service dog--healthy, strong dog, with excellent temperaments, and more on the calmer side which is a must to work with autistic children!
Over my career I have visited many breeders and kennels, and I have to say that the way you manage your dogs and your home, with this many dogs is very impressive, and the fact that you don’t kennel your dogs!!! They all live in the house, which only means they are that much more house trained and socialized, which is the key for any puppy, or breeding dog, and of course a much more sound dog mentally and physically.
You and Joshua take the time to go over every detail of the puppies history and needs to ensure a successful transition into their new homes.

Your dedication and passion for dogs, and only breeding excellent lines, certainly shows every time I have visited Magisterial Kennels.

Thanks again for your support,
Wade Beattie
Director, Autism Dog Services
London, Ontario

Dear Adam & Joshua:

When I finally won the battle of "Dog, or No Dog" with my husband I was ecstatic. Time to do some serious thinking and decide what we really wanted. I decided since my husband had been so gracious as to finally cave on the matter that he should be able to pick the breed. He was very fond of a Standard Poodle that his Aunt had when he was a child, so that was his choice. I am allergic (but still love)dogs, so I was all for this hypoallergenic non-shedding idea. Visions of pompoms and bows began circling in my head. A poodle. Yes, that would be perfect.

From that moment on the hunt was on. I realised quickly that we would not be looking for a puppy. So adorable, and yet so mischeivous. We have 2 cats, masters of the domain, and this older dog needed to be kitty friendly. I prefered a female, but anyone who had the right temperament would have been OK. Much to my dismay, very few older dogs were advertised. I searched and searched and finally took matters into my own hands. After some research on certain breeding operations, I began sending out e-mails asking if anyone was looking for a home for one of their older dogs. I let them know that their beloved pet would be a treasured part of our family, and what our criteria was.

Not too long later I received an e-mail back from Adam and Josh. They had a 3 1/2year old poodle that they loved dearly, but always felt she was lost in the shuffle and would have really enjoyed being an only dog to absorb all of the affection. After reading my e-mail. and seeing what a wonderful home we were ready to provide, Adam and Josh made the difficult decision of letting us buy Fiona.

I cannot express how appreciative I am of the sacrifice Adam and Josh have made on our behalf. Fiona is now the centre of our world, and we can't remember life before her. She is the sweetest, nicest, gentlest, friendliest, adorable dog I have ever had the fortune of meeting, let alone owning. No one can resist her. My in-laws now refer to her as their Grandogger, and have a treat ready whenever she walks through the door.

After hearing that Fiona's sister Faith was being trained as a full-time Therapy Dog for an autistic boy and that one of Fiona's pups was also a seeing eye dog, I decided that Fiona was too much a treasure to keep to myself. She is now a Thereapy Dog through St. Johns Ambulance, and we are now visiting long-term care facilities together. No one can remember my name, but they sure remember hers. I can't tell you how many milk bones and treats are slipped to her, not that she's complaining. I imagine she is sitting and licking her lips as I write this.

Her temperament and nature is incredibly sweet and everything that Adam and Josh promised it would be. I know that they were very sad to see her go, and after living with her, I am amaze that they were able to do so. I know that they still miss her terribly, and we are still in contact. I try to send them pictures and e-mails when I can.

Adam and Josh, thank-you so much for letting her go. We love her, and spoil her beyond reason. Her temperment and nature could only have been enhanced by your loving care in raising her. Thank-you for everything.

Jarett and Mandi Miles
Flesherton, Ontario

Dear Adam & Joshua

We’re so happy about our decision to get Leo - whom we got from you last November - a little "baby sister". Lily is now 6 months old and as cute as a button. She is the star everywhere she shows up - and she knows that. She has taken over the leadership in our household and bosses "poor" Leo around. She loves to cuddle with him and wants to lie right on top of him. Fortunately Leo is such a terrific laid-back guy with the greatest calm temper ever that he doesn't mind too much and is happy to have her around. They play for hours and have the greatest time romping around with their friends at the dog park no matter how big they are. Leo and Lily both have gone through obedience school and did marvelous. Leo graduated from his trick class having mastered all the tricks we were taught in a blink of an eye. 2 months ago we started taking them to agility classes and both are having a ball, doing the jumps, scurrying through the tunnels and running over the dog walk. Fearless and curious they master all the obstacles and we all have a lot of fun.
Thank you so much for such wonderful balanced and cute little dogs. It is so easy to take them along on our long hikes in the woods or on our canoe trips. They just love the water and enjoy exploring the outdoors.

Doreen, Sven, Lucas and Lara
Kingston, Ontario

Dear Adam and Josh,

Where to start? To be honest, it's not easy to describe the love and respect our family has for our Faith. She has made a tremendous difference in, not only Hunter's life, but the lives of my daughter and myself. Faith is the most beautiful dog in the world to us. Her temperament is one I'm sure could never be duplicated. Training her to be an Autism Service Dog has not been a difficult task. She is a most loving, smart girl. Hunter never went upstairs on his own or even to the bathroom on his own before. Thanks to Faith, he now does. It started with him taking Faith with him to the bathroom and upstairs and now there are times he will even venture upstairs without anyone else, even Faithy with him. This is something we couldn't have accomplished without the help of Faith. It seems, thanks to Faith, Hunter has a new found confidence. When Hunter is off school ill, Faith is his companion, they snuggle to watch television together, or just relax together. Faith seems to sense when Hunter isn't well and behaves in an almost motherly manner toward him. It's difficult to explain it really. Faith has saved me hundreds of trips up and downstairs, and given me more chance to have some time on my own as she keeps Hunter company. When we go out and take Faith with us Hunter is much more relaxed. I am very optimistic that Faith will do amazing when she starts going to school with Hunter. Hunter is quite excited about it as well. Faith and I put Hunter on the bus each morning and go out and play ball while waiting for the bus after school. We are looking forward to spending our first Christmas with Faith.
I have a granddaughter who is 1.5 years old. Isabella often snuggles with Faith on her resting pillow that we have in the living room. When she comes over both Faith and she are very excited to see each other. . We all have complete trust in Faith and I know she feels the same about us. Yesterday she was at the groomers. They said she behaved royally, and we wouldn't have expected her to be any other way as she has proven over and over that she is a beautiful lady. Everyone at our Vet's just adore Faith and have nothing but the most wonderful things to say about her. We have offers of dog sitters from neighbours who appreciate so much what a gift Faith is. Everyone in the neighbourhood has taken to Faith. The children, both very young and teens always stop to play with her when we're outside. All of the parents trust Faith, so much so that a neighbour/ friend of mine has a little girl who was terrified of dogs for the last two years and thanks to Faith's gentleness and loving nature, this little girl is now a dog lover and her family started fostering dogs from the Humane Society. They now have a dog of their own. This little girl still comes and sees Faith though. I think she is aware that Faith helped her appreciate that all dogs are not mean. Her mother and I get together with the two dogs almost each evening for a play date outside.
We look forward to many wonderful years with our Faith. I've always said, everything happens for a reason, so it does.. there was a reason I contacted you about a poodle as a service dog for Hunter. It's been the start of a most amazing journey for Hunter and the rest of my family. Thank you both so much for the part you've played in enabling us to find and keep Faith.
Wishing you and yours a very Happy Holiday Season. May you be blessed with good health, happiness and prosperity in the coming year. Again, thanks so very much to you both. Have a joyous holiday season!!

Chyrrel & Faith
Oshawa, Ontario

Adam and Joshua -

Almost a year to the day, we collected Elinor. If we knew then what we knew now, we wouldn't have waited so long! Eli has been nothing but a joy to have with us. She fit right into our motley crew (three young children and two established cats) and was a breeze to train. We suspect we owe a good bit of that to the solid start you provided her, and of course, a little good luck too! Within the first week, she was ringing a bell hung at our kitchen door asking to go out. We enrolled her in puppy obedience where she progressed extremely well, and continued to develop very useful social skills. As the year progressed, and cottage season arrived, Elinor continued to surprise us - she took to the water like a fish, and perhaps the most important thing, within a month, we were able to completely trust her and are able to let her roam freely on the cottage property. Truth be told - simply look at the shoreline, and you'll find her! The enclosed photo of 'Eliweed' attests to that. Our entire family, immediate and extended, are quite smitten with her - the cats even tolerate her...okay, most of the time!
Elinor is a hearty little soul, true to the nature of her breed. She is intelligent, curious, affectionate and tenacious - she is a Cairn after all. Although some of our baseboards have not faired too well, the joy and positive energy she brings us everyday quickly makes up for any little offences she may have incurred. We are very pleased to have worked with Magisterial Kennels as our experience with you has been most positive. It was apparent to us that you truly care about your dogs and want to ensure they are placed in the best of circumstances. Nothing would please us more than to approach you now to inquire about the prospects of obtaining another Cairn from Magisterial. However, it is likely that I will deploy overseas in the coming year. James will have his hands full while I am way and this might not be the optimum time to bring another pup into the family. I highly suspect that on my return, we will be in touch again....a potential short list is already underway: Stella or Stanley? Oh yes, we do indeed look forward to another fruitful venture with Magisterial!
All the best, and continued good fortunes,

Yve and James,
Ottawa, Ontario

Dear Adam & Josh,

I can't tell you how happy we are with our decision to adopt our first dog from Magisterial Kennels. We narrowed down our breed choice to the standard poodle as we wanted a dog that didn't shed but wasn't small. Our "Princess" Abby is everything we could want in a family dog. She beautiful, affectionate, smart, good-natured and goofy. Being a first time dog owner was a little intimidating but you answered all our questions and I know you're always there if we need you. I know Abby is a great dog because she came from great parents and a great home. Thanks again for the wonderful addition to our family. Here are a couple of recent shots of Abby, one from Xmas and the one with Mackenzie from a couple months ago, just because it's funny. You can use our real name, no problem. Take care and have a great 2010.

Shelly, Abby & Family
Orleans, Ontario

Dear Joshua & Adam:

Baxter, or more correctly Magisterial`s Baxter of Roblin, arrived like a ray of sunshine in our lives a year ago today. Our wonderful Apricot Standard Poodle is now 14 months old and weighs 60 pounds. He loves his two to three hours of walks with us, mostly off-leash, each day. He is very exuberant, plays well with other dogs and is very well socialized with people. He loves to be chased and outruns all his playmates, even a Rhodesian Ridgeback. He could use a bit more training (he still chews a lot, although mostly not the furniture any more), but that is our challenge not his because he learns very quickly.

He is a good watch dog, and when he and I came upon a big black bear while hiking in early December, he stayed between me and the bear, barking furiously, and only disengaged to his "totally reliable recall" when I walked away from the situation.

During the warmer weather (June to October) he swam in the Englishman River or the ocean at Parksville at least 5 days a week. This creates challenges for his coat, so we keep it cut fairly short. No problem with the temperature on the BC Coast, of course.

Baxter had a bit of a problem with his lower canine puppy teeth, but the intervention of a vet who is trained as a dentist and some special attention as his adult teeth grew in resulted in the problem being rectified. While it is inevitable that challenges like this will occasionally arise, it is the mark of a truly professional breeder that the concerns of the puppy`s owner are resolved quickly, fairly and amicably, as Adam did with us. Thank you.

Baxter is a truly handsome fellow, as I hope you can see by the photograph we sent, so taking him anywhere is very rewarding as many of the people we meet stop to ask about him or want to pet him. It makes for slow, but pleasing, trips around the Oceanside area in which we live.

Thanks, Adam and Joshua, for introducing Baxter to Lorna and me. He is so much loved.

Yours sincerely,

Graham Reid

Dear Adam & Josh,

We have owned several breeds over the past thirty years. (Cocker spaniel, Shetland sheepdog, Labrador retriever and Bichon Frise). They all had some wonderful characteristics. Bella however incorporates the best characteristics of all of them. She is beautiful, intelligent, intuitive, a pleasure to train and a joy to be with. She is a wonderful match for our family, and we appreciate that Adam and Josh strived to ensure this. As an eight-week old puppy, Bella quickly adapted to our routine and started camping with us at nine weeks of age.
The care and socialization received while in her Magisterial home was reflected in her ability to easily adapt to our life style. House training was essentially a non-event. Bella generally loves all people and particularly children as evidence her interaction with our four year old grandson and she is a favourite at the local dog park. To date she has completed Puppy and Intermediate training and is now close to finishing the Advanced level. Our goal is to achieve the Canine Good Citizen and St. John’s Ambulance Therapy Dog certifications. Bella’s trainer, an experienced dog behaviourist, feels confident that she is an excellent candidate for these programs.
Adam and Josh continue to be a wonderful resource, available to answer any questions and they take a very keen interest in ensuring that our ownership of Bella is a pleasurable and rewarding experience. From the outset Adam and Josh made us feel comfortable and confident that a Magisterial puppy was the right choice for us. We have total confidence in recommending them to both novice and experienced dog owners seeking a balanced and healthy puppy.

Margaret and Jim Rhodes
Kingston, ON

Hello Adam and Joshua

First of all we wish you both and your dog family a very HAPPY NEW YEAR!
Secondly we thought it a good idea to drop you both a line and say thank you for trusting us with Abby.
She being slightly over 2 years we were insecure about how she would settle in with us here. That very quickly dissipated as the weeks evolved into months. We love her so very much. Abby has become the patriarch of the household. She's become the neighborhood patrol dog as she prances along looking for other potential dogs or kids whom she may show off her need to 'meet and greet'. She's met another neighborhood buddy who is a small, white poodle mix, that they become separable when they see each other on the street. Play days are not uncommon in Abby's back yard for her and Mervin...
Even go to the groomer together with Mervin every six weeks, and spend the day there together with other dogs who the amazing groomer has shown Abby that some big dogs are really puppies at heart and just want to be her playmates. She's been nicknamed by the groomer as Abby the social butterfly!
Last summer she had her first swim, then her second and so on, you can guess the rest. Kayaking became a common everyday event and soon we found her ready and waiting at the edge of the wharf chasing wharf spiders and mischievously jumping into the canoe.
She's hardy, happy, healthy, hilarious and hopelessly spoiled!
Thanks so much.... for Abigail.

Heather and Brian from Nova Scotia

Happy New Year to you both, Adam and Josh.

We have had a wonderful time with our "Honey." She settled in so well and has slept all night, every night since she arrived. Such a sweet gentle soul she is and how she has woven her way into Mom's heart. From the moment we met, I think we all knew that Mom and Honey were a match made in heaven and it just proves more and more true. She is so smart, loving and devoted to Mom, that the house just isn't so empty anymore.
Thank you for choosing us to be Honey's family, she has added a complete new dimension to our lives. You really raise the most wonderful dogs!

Sincere Thanks,
Laurie and Lorraine (and Honey)
Abbotsford, British Columbia

Hi guys!

Very good to hear from you, I have been wanting to get in touch for a long while, but you know how it goes ;) Please feel free to use the following testimonial and/or attached pictures. I see from your site all is well and the Madams are producing as they should. Don't know how you do it!
Just want to thank you so much for Lucy, she is the most loving, sweet, feisty, smart, adorable dog I've ever had. My family had Cairns when I was growing up, so I had been looking for a Cairn for myself for a long time when I found your site. I'm so glad I found out about you and your amazing Magisterial Kennels. Your dedication and respect for all canine-kind is apparent in the results you achieve. What a glorious little girl, so much fun and such great company. (Also in perfect health, a real plus for a purebred dog these days). I look forward to visiting your new home with Lucy (aka Goosey).

Happy 2010!
Toronto, Ontario

To Whom It May Concern:

I adopted Piper, a Cairn Terrier puppy, from Adam and Joshua in 2009. I had a one-year-old West Highland White Terrier, Paisley, and wanted
to find a companion for her. After much research, I decided on a Cairn and started contacting prospective breeders. I was immediately
impressed with Adam and Joshua as they always did exactly what they promised. I often found that other breeders didn’t return phone calls,
especially if they had a long waiting list. Adam called me less than a day after I submitted the online puppy application and we had a long
chat about Cairns and dogs in general. I trusted Adam and it was obvious that he truly cares about his dogs and puppies.

Since I live about three and a half hours away, I was not able to visit Magisterial Kennels before picking up Piper. While that wasn’t ideal,
Adam sent me lots of photos of the puppies once they were born so I could pick a pup. Adam even phoned when I was having trouble deciding.
Adam also sent regular updates and photos of Piper in the first eight weeks.

When I picked up Piper, I finally got to meet Adam and some of the other dogs, including a litter of Standard Poodle puppies. It was
clear that the dogs were part of the family as they were running around the house playing. One Standard Poodle puppy was very tiny and
was kept in the living room by the couch. It was great to see all the puppies and dogs running around as many breeders confine puppies to one
room of the house.

When I brought Piper home, I was surprised that she wasn’t scared of anyone or anything. In my past experience, puppies are often scared of
new noises, like toilets flushing, dishwashers running, etc, but it was obvious that Piper had been exposed to all household sounds. Piper has
always been happy to meet everyone and absolutely adores children and other animals. Piper has a wonderful personality and temperament – she
is full of spunk and extremely playful. She is very vocal and makes many different sounds when she’s playing. She has earned the nickname,
Monkey, because she loves to climb and is very good at it. One of her favourite places to sleep is the top of her crate and she has managed
to climb over all the gates. Due to the latter, she has had the run of the main level of the house and has never chewed anything. She was
very easy to housetrain and learns commands quickly. When Piper isn’t busy playing, she’s extremely cuddly and affectionate. Wherever we go,
Piper garners a lot of attention with her beautiful grey brindle coat. One of the vets at my clinic constantly tells me that she wants to
take Piper home as she’s so unique.

I highly recommend Magisterial Kennels to prospective buyers and would definitely contact Adam and Joshua if I was considering getting another


Hamilton, ON

Hi Adam & Joshua:

We had the priviledge late August to go to Magisterial Kennels and meet Adam and his pups.
We were very impressed at how Adam spent the time with us and the puppies.
It was a great experience and a time of getting to know each other.
Their home is in a beautiful spot where the dogs all are exposed to lots of land and fresh air.
All the pups seemed so content and happy and the whole experience was a great one for us.
Although we just came to look in the end we left with an awesome puppy whom we named Molly.
The whole experience for us was great.
Everything was so clean, calm and life affirming.
I would recommend to anyone a pup from the Magisterial Kennels.
To see the love that Adam and Josh have for their puppies is great-their concern and care that they give these pups is tops.
We have been blessed with a wonderful puppy and we thank Adam and Josh for this.

Judy and DAvid Donevan
Kingston, Ontario

To Whom it may concern:

What impressed us most was our first contact with Adam. We were hoping to rescue a Standard and so decided to place an ad online. Adam responded to our ad with a possible rescue situation in Calgary, not even mentioning that he was a breeder. It was an email from one of his customers that made us aware that Adam actually bred Standard Poodles. The sender had recently brought home a Standard puppy from Magisterial that she raved about. After several discussions with rescue groups across North America, dissuading us from rescuing a dog because we had a 4 year old in the home, we decided to call Adam. My husband had his heart set on an adult show dog that was possibly up for adoption but agreed to make the trip to Roblin. When we arrived at Adam & Joshua's home and the puppies rushed in, and then afterwards the parents, he was sold. But really, who could resist a beautiful apricot puppy?!
In the end, it was Tahja who chose us. He sat with me on the floor staring up at me and kissing me constantly while his siblings cavorted around the room. He sat in my lap all the way home to Toronto and didn't move. That night he slept on his pillow at the foot of our bed like he'd been doing it every night for the last few months. His integration into our family was perfectly seamless.
Tahja has grown into a beautiful, wild and elegant creature. He is a constant joy and playful companion to our son. He is calm and gentle in the house and wild and crazy outdoors. He leaps through the air like a gazelle to astonishing heights. He is bright, sensitive and always wanting to please.
What a fabulous dog. What a beautiful member of our family.

Thank you Adam & Joshua for this wonderful dog!
Tiffany, Dean & Ryland
Toronto, Ontario

Greetings and Salutations,

Just wanted you to know what is happening.
Ted is now almost 14 months old and a real charmer. Everyone falls for his friendly and loving personality ! We only have one child left at home, so when he leaves we would like another puppy for us and to keep ted company.

As you may remember, I wasn't thrilled with the idea of a puppy, but if you can give us another one like Ted, I am sure that everyone will be happy ! I like to tell people that Ted is the perfect solution for empty nest syndrome. I have taken to telling people that if I had to do it over again, I would have Ted instead of kids ! Our daughter is a little jealous and has asked for fewer pictures of mom and Ted. Not going to happen !
I have attached a few winter pictures of Ted cavorting. Hope you like the utility cut. I did it myself.
If you ever need a reference, please have people contact us. It has been a pleasure dealing with you. Nice to see the love and care that you lavish upon our friends

Best Regards

Karen and Jim Philip
Orillia, Ontario

Hi Adam and Joshua

The little guy is loved by everybody, plays with the big dogs in the park like he's as big as them. He is such a little angel. I'll try to get pictures of him in the park with his playmates, but it's hard because he is such a whirlwind of movement. He's sooooo curious and fearless and Murphy just loves him (but not when I'm watching.) They play together and she puts him on his back when he gets out of control. Of course, he's back at her in about 3 seconds! I tell you, he knows no boundaries. The vet was so taken with him!  She said that he is healthy as a, horse. Actually he's in perfect condition, his teeth are looking great, his heart is beating as it should and his lungs are clear and bright. The vaccinations knocked him out for most of the day and night, so we've agreed to do the rest of the boosters and rabies staggered so that he can have time to recover between each of the shots. Next month we'll be going to puppy obedience school, as I have done with all my dogs. I've attached a picture taken a couple of weeks ago. I don't know how he manages to get up on the crate, but he seems to like sitting there watching the world go by.

Joey is such a sweetheart! There isn't another dog or a person he doesn't want to play with or meet. He sleeps cuddled up next to ME, often waking briefly for a kiss and then going right back to sleep. He has adjusted to city life and doesn't seemed to be scared by anything -- not sirens, or trucks, or even the streetcars. He has learned how to bark from Murphy however, and every time he hears the "thump" of the newspaper arriving, he starts his funny little puppy barking. Cute right now, but I sure hope I can get him to stop! We've signed up for puppy obedience, but not until May, so I'm going to have to start working with him. Murphy and Joey are getting along great, tomorrow they got to their first vet visit together. The Puppy gods were kind to Joey on Monday, when he came outside to find a little dusting of snow -- perfect for rolling and jumping in. This picture is of the two of them looking out our condo window to the park across the street -- where on nice days, Murphy can spot the squirrels and set her off on a round of barking. I’ll have more pictures for you a little later this week, when I can get the time to get them out of the camera and into my computer. How is Emily and her pups doing? I've had to be very stern with Marc -- NO, we can't have another puppy . . . yet.

Gale & Marc
Toronto, Ontario

Dear Adam and Joshua,

My family and I have decided to write to two wonderful people who have given us a new and amazing addition to our ever so happy family. I have never met two people so in tuned to the present and future care and happiness of their puppies and their families. In November of 2007 we purchased a apricot standard poodle named Tango. Just to let you know, not just a biased opinion from us, but our vet said we have received a wonderful breed with such perfect features and health. They also can't believe at such a young age how much he already knows and they are constantly commenting on his great calm and loving nature. Tango is currently enrolled at a puppy school, and he is mastering it only after 3 weeks. He is now 6 months old and we are starting to train him without the crate. It is going great, he returns from outside and sits patiently until we clean his paws or he waits on his mat until I say go free. I have owned dogs in the past that have not mastered this many commands  throughout their life never mind within the first 6 months. What can I say other than thanks so much for breeding a great blood line of pups.  Tango is a wonderful dog for our kids, they love him to death, therefore they are always climbing and sitting on poor Tango, but he lets them with open paws and is always excited to play with them again. My kids are already asking if we can get another dog from you guys. Before the departure of our small 6 pound dog, Tango loved him and they played together so well, so not only is he great with my kids, but he loves other animals and knows just how to play with them no matter their size. I think the two of you must know by now the impact you have played on our family and you have definitely made it complete. We all thank you ever so much and if in the future we want to add you will be the only people we call on to help us out. One more thing everyone comments on what a great dog Tango is and I would only own a standard poodle from on now.

Dana & Daryl Fleet
Bath, Ontario

To Whom It May Concern,

We purchased a male Cairn Terrier puppy from Adam and Joshua at Magisterial Kennels in March 2008. Our puppy is a red brindle color and we named him Rusty.

We felt that Magisterial Kennels were well organized, professional and offered great communication. They were always easy to contact and were great at answering any questions we have had. Rusty was delivered to us as a well socialized, happy and healthy puppy.

We love how Rusty makes us laugh and smile each day. He is always up for a game of fetch, and he is great around other dogs. He listens fairly well, but he is still a puppy and is learning more each day. He is a very happy dog, and has a calm temperament. His fur coloring is quite nice and we like the fact that he does not shed and is hypoallergenic - as we have friends who are allergic to dogs - they have no problems being around Rusty. We are buying a second Cairn Terrier puppy in May from Magisterial Kennels. The puppy is a dark brindle female that we are going to call Grace.

Rusty has been around a few children in the short while we have had him and he was just fine. He is great whenever we have friends and family over, and everyone loves him. We are looking forward to our second puppy. We would definitely recommend anyone looking for a Cairn Terrier to contact Adam and Joshua at Magisterial Kennels.

Dave and Jenn
North Bay, Ontario

Hi Adam & Josh ,

Just a note to say thank you for deeming me to be a worthy owner of one of your Standard Poodle puppies.

Cavendish , born Sept.07 , has brought his own personality & habits to my heart & home . Cavendish is a quick learner .. was " housebroken within a few days " , when I put my coat on & pick up my briefcase , he gets into his crate & waits for his "liver treat " . He is calm with other dogs & when I take him to friends homes , he sits beside me .

I was impressed with the thoroughness of your screening of myself as a potential owner . The depth of your explanations regarding puppy care , feeding grooming etc were amazing. Also , you allowed me to visit Cavendish weekly so he knew me when it was time to leave .

Thank you again . Cavendish had an excellent start in life at Magisterial Kennels. We are very happy & are looking forward to going to the Cottage so " C " can learn to ride in the back of the kayak.

Ruth Doran
Kingston, Ontario


Adam & Joshua,

Just a quick hello to say thanks for Gracie! So far she and Jessie are doing great together. Gracie hasn't peed yet - so we may have a wet bed later. I'll keep you posted on how Miss G settles. Thank you so much - I don't think we have ever met such a well socialized
family of dogs. You guys should be very proud of what you have accomplished.

Jim and I would be happy to speak to any prospective owners that are considering getting a pet from you. As you know, Gracie is our second Cairn Terrier, and came into a family where a very dominant Cairn was in charge. Due to the excellent socialization Gracie was involved in within your home, she was able to establish rapport with our other dog quickly, and they are having a great time. We appreciate the time you spent with us to make sure we knew how to look after her and what to expect, and that we could always call if we needed info. I think you do terrific work with the dogs, and wish we had time to have more of them!

Paddy Chant & Jim Jolly
Toronto, Ontario

To Whom It May Concern,

From the moment that we met Adam and Joshua, we knew that they were the right fit for our family. Their home was clean and quiet and there was a genuine concern and care about the puppies. Then it was love at first sight with our new puppy, Zoe. From the time of our adoption, we had weekly visits where Adam and Joshua shared their extensive knowledge and gave us very sound advice. Then, on the big day that Zoe was coming home with us they put together a wonderful ‘puppy pack’ to make the transition easier for her (and us!). She immediately became a part of our family. And, our daughter (9) and Zoe have become the best of friends. We have attended puppy school and she graduated top of her class. Zoe is highly intelligent and loving and we can’t imagine life without her! We’re thankful that we connected with Magisterial Kennels to fulfill our family!


Terri, Therol & Erin
Kingston, ON

Adam & Josh,

Hi, I just wanted to send a quick note to say thanks for the new addition to our family! We love, love, love her - and feel so blessed that when we embarked on this journey of getting a dog we hadn't even considered a Standard Poodle - we just knew what we wanted in a dog, and she is all of those things and more! She is so sweet and naturally submissive yet definitely still playful, she doesn't shed AT ALL, she seldom barks, she learns so easily, and we can't wait to play with her in the pool this summer. Most of all we love how gentle she is with our young children - who have tested her thoroughly -from coloring her nose purple, to dressing her in a tutu, to falling asleep on her.  Thank you so much for answering all my many, many questions before we got her - you made me feel like I was the only person you were dealing with - and I know I wasn't! Thanks again, if we ever want another dog - we'll be calling!

Love the Algra Family,
St. Marys, ON

Adam & Josh!

You guys were very welcoming, even at the very beginning when I wasn't even sure about getting a dog. You made me and my mom feel very comfortable; that no question was "stupid". You guys are fountains of knowledge, and are very well versed in canine health, socialization, and best practices.

She adjusted to life with me so well! From the very first night she didn't even whine when she went into her kennel to sleep. She loves other dogs, cats and children. She has an adorable bounce in her step, and is delighted to meet people and their pets when we are out on walks. She is an extremely quick learner, and started to ask to go outside to do her business almost immediately upon coming home with me! She greets me in the morning, and welcomes me home from work every evening. She is truly a companion! When I tell other people the kind of close relationship I have with the breeder they're jealous!  Rory is currently attending Obedience Basics at the Glebe Community Centre, which is run by Dogma, a well known and reputable dog behavior training academy here in Ottawa. Her energy level is right on par with that of children, therefore they are a great match. There are small children at the obedience class, and she loves to cuddle with them, and give them kisses.  Rory picks up on what is asked of her very quickly. She is definitely excelling at her obedience training. She has a great temperament; she just wants to be loved, and loves to be with you at all times. She alerts to strangers at the door or unfamiliar sounds with a couple barks, but never barks for no reason. I have met so many people I would never have met otherwise when we're out for walks. She is such a happy little dog, people just love to come up and pet her...and believe me, she loves it too. You can look in her eyes and know exactly what she's thinking; they are so expressive. I've lost count of how many compliments I've gotten on her, and how taken people are with her friendly disposition. Even the vet said that she looks forward to Rory coming in!

Melissa Flynn
Ottawa, Ontario

Magisterial Kennels,

Adam, I can't thank you enough for the wonderful addition to our family. She's absolutely precious, and my parents fell in love with her instantly.
She's an absolute joy, and she's had no trouble at all adjusting to our home. Everyone is madly in love with her. Additionally, my parents could
not get over how well socialized and adaptable she is at such a young age. Having looked at a number of Cairns over the past two years, my father
especially was impressed with her, and the way that she has been raised to this point. We haven't quite settled on a name yet, but I imagine in the next day or so I'll have the information to forward to you, and I'll include with it my father's driver's license number for the microchip
company. I've attached a few pictures of her, playing at the cottage this weekend. Please sendthe pictures of her parents when you get the chance.

I'll be in touch with the rest of the information. Thank you SO much! We love her!

Jennifer Holly
Toronto, Ontario

Adam & Joshua,

Hey there, I’m having the time of my life, although its not been that long and I have not really gotten to see much of the world. I love my new
family and they all really love me. I have so many toys and my new BIG brother is great to have around. We don't even fight now that I know he's
the boss. He even teaches me things that I get called a 'good boy' for doing, its great. I have been trying out a new thing called a collar and
I really am not a big fan of that, I tell ya. It gets attached to a leash and well, its okay if we just keep walking and don't stop, I guess I’ll
get the hang of it sometime. Baby steps. I went to visit my brother, Tango the other day and I was a little crabby because I had to have a
collar and leash on. Come to think of it, so did he. Anyway, when we got back to Tangos home we got to play without the collars and we did have
fun. I am still the king!!!! I am eating well; thanks for telling my new family what I like to eat; and I only have had a few accidents in the
house. Sebastian only goes outside so I try to be like him and go outside most of the time too. If no one notices I need to go I just can't help
myself but I really do try hard. I sleep in a big kennel and that is just fine, I am out of it most of the day anyway. I don't even cry or bark in
the kennel, only if I need to go outside that is. I just love the little people in our home, they love to play with me lots and take me out for
pees. I am growing, so I hear everyone say often, I can't wait to be a big boy. I also can't wait for you to visit, or me to visit. I am going
to see the doctor for a little checkup on Monday so I get to go for a car ride again. I like the car just like Sebastian does. Oh, I better go and
eat my dinner, I’m a growing boy you know. Hope you like my picture, I’m waving hi to you, do you see me? Thanks for taking such good care of me and helping me become the great little guy that I am, I miss everyone.

See you soon.
Laurie Cameron
Bath, Ontario

Hi Adam & Joshua,

Well Kramer arrived safe & sound. He was quite tired the first day, but is now really starting to show his true colors, "Kramer" style. He's very playful but in such a gentle manner, very confidant, even around the big dogs he's met.  He is exploring the weird new things & noises he's come across. He's really made himself at home, figured out down the stairs that leads to the pee spot & endeared himself completely to his family. Today he went to work with my husband & met the people at the law office, community services & of course the Vet & all her assistants! He's had a quite a time & we can't believe he's only been with us 2 +days! He loves his new life here in Jasper!!

Just a little Christmas greeting from the Rockies:

I'm really enjoying my new home, it is like a Christmas wonderland! My backyard has lots of interesting things to sniff for under the snow & my friends the Magpies & Stellar Blue Jays visit often. Other animals drop by occasionally, like "BIG elk" & deer family. I love it outside & am now starting to grow my adult fur to keep me warm. Cheryl thinks it is going to be pretty curly! Sophie comes to play often, and although she is heavier and stalkier than me, my newly grown long legs give me the height I need to match her in our battles. Cheryl, Rich and Tannis often talk about me & think I'm not listening. Rich says he's amazed how well I fetch, second nature for me really! Cheryl is amazed at how soft my mouth is and how gentle I am at taking her treats. I've already mastered sitting and am working on "stay", yep they're impressed. Tannis & I still do the chasing around the house, only I'm getting faster than her at the stairs.  I've managed to weasel my way out of the kennel & into the family bed at night! If I need to go outside for a little break I just give them a big lick in the middle of the night...and they get the message. I think things may change a bit when I can jump off the bed, hopefully there'll be no more accidents by then & I can stay in bed with them at night.

I have beautiful brownish-yellow eyes & I love to stare at my family, they of course are drawn to my stare & usually end up giving me a big hug & kiss. Tannis can still carry me. But not for long cause I'm already 19 lbs! I hope you guys are having a peaceful Christmas with all us crazy puppies gone. Big licks all around. I miss you too. Thanks for sending me to is great here!

Love Kramer,
Cheryl, Rick, & Tannis Potter
Jasper, Alberta

Hi Adam & Josh,

Rudy is definitely the star of the neighborhood/family. He has been getting at least one play date a day either with the 10 week old Golden or another puppy 10m old Airedale. He plays well with both and holds his own with the older dogs also. He is very playful all the time except when he is sleeping. Happy dog. Rudy has also been meeting lots of people and is comfortable then also. We are trying to give him as many new and positive experiences now while his brain is developing. He is going to be a good dog we can tell already. We seem to be over the crate training hurdle. We put kibble in his crate and he goes in to eat it, he thinks its treats. He goes in no problem and doesn't cry and sleeps for 4 hours at night without having to go out. He is eating well and growing. I can't believe in a week how many changes we see in him. Here are a few pictures of Rudy. Everything is awesome! We are absolutely in love with him. He went to the vet today and got the all clear. He is eating and doing all the things he should be. Today he is starting to go to the door when he needs to go outside:) - good boy. He has been on two play dates with our neighbors 9 week old golden and they play well together. What can I say he is just a star. He is a very happy boy. Right now he is crashed out at my feet, very content.

Thanks again,
Chanel & Scott Dale
Toronto, Ontario

Hi Adam and Josh,

I just wanted to keep you up to date with the news on Lily. As you know, adopting an adult dog takes a lot longer for them to settle in but I wish to tell you how happy and exuberant she has become in the last few months. The settling-in period has been quite long for us. She was initially very shy and had difficulty when a lot of people came to the house. Recently I entertained and she was the belle of the ball, visiting with everyone and then falling asleep in my arms. I want to give you the big "thumbs up" for your care of your dogs and your interest in them once they are adopted. It has meant the world to me that Lily was able to return to your home for pet-sitting while I was away. She loved coming "home" to you and enjoyed visiting with all her friends. I have also known other people who have adopted your dogs and are frankly in love with their animals. I look forward to the possibility of having one of your puppies soon so that they can keep Lily company. She loves young dogs.

All the best to both of you,

Maggie Woodbridge
Kingston, ON

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