Magisterial Standard Poodles

Brief History of the Standard Poodle:

There has been an ongoing battle between Germany and France for as long as history talks about Standard Poodles and their origin.  There has never been an absolute decision made on where, of these two countries, the Standard Poodle originated from.  Of course,  many people, both past and present, have their personal opinions.  Personally, I believe that it’s possible for the Standard Poodle to have greatly impacted and enriched both countries’ history.  The Standard Poodle is the largest of the four different sized Poodles.  The teacup, the toy, and the miniature all descend from the Standard.

This breed used to hunt waterfowl, and search out truffles in the hills of France and Germany.  The typical coat that comes to mind, (when a person thinks Poodle) was actually created for a purpose.  If the Poodle was left ungroomed, while hunting in the water, the dog would be painstakingly hindered by the weight of its heavy, wet coat.  They were fully shaved, leaving only pom-poms at their joints, to ensure the thistles and brush didn’t puncture their skin as they ran.  The ribbons in their ears were simply to identify who owned them when they all came running over the hill to their masters.  So you see, their hairstyle, which you probably thought was gratuitous and decadent, did in fact have a great purpose in history.

The Standard Poodle was originally called a “Caniche”, from the nickname chien a cane or canichon (duck dog).  “Poodle” is short for Pudelhund, from the Low German pudeln (to splash) and Hund (dog).  The Poodle truly has one of the most fascinating histories in all of the K9 world.  There are even drawings found in caves (by explorers), with images that resemble the Standard Poodle.  These are some of the earliest findings of what appeared to be pure bred dogs, used for a purpose.

The Poodle was kept by noble ladies at the time of Louis XIV, as a lapdog at the time of Louis XV, and was miniaturized at the time of Louis XVI.  Poodles were known to be an “anything” kind of dog--there didn’t seem to be anything that anyone could find wrong with them.  It was also during this period that Standard Poodles were the most used K9 to perform in shows and circuses.  Circus trainers found the dogs to almost train themselves for the routine of the show.  They were/are a breeze to train virtually anything.

The popularity of the breed peaked in the 19th and 20th centuries.  They are able to adapt to any lifestyle (whether it’s hunting, performing, or simply companionship), and the Poodle soon became the World’s most popular pet.  It is for this reason that potential Standard Poodle puppy buyers must be very wary of breeders, and ask plenty of questions.  When dogs become extremely popular, their health is sacrificed by irresponsible breeders who are in the business only for monetary gain, and not for the betterment of the breed!

Character Overview:

Exhibiting amazing running and jumping abilities, the Standard Poodle almost flies through the air with ease.  There is no dog I have ever met that’s as acrobatic as the Standard--they continue to amaze me every single day of my life.  They are active, athletic, merry, very alert, and the most intelligent on the planet!  The friendly Poodle simply delights in life.  The Standard Poodle’s loyalty is legendary, and they are undoubtedly mans best friend.  Poodles are like people, and love to be where the “people” action is.  The Poodle is highly adaptable, outgoing, and very well-natured, making him a wonderful life long companion.  The Standard is still a hunter like his ancestors, with his amazing swimming ability, and very keen nose. 

If you do not spend sufficient time training and loving your Poodle, he will become bored and can become difficult.  Because of their extremely high intelligence, they require their mind to be exercised as much as they do their body.  They are able to be trained to do virtually anything.  They love to go on long walks, almost with a strut that says, “Look at me, aren’t I well behaved?”.  They totally enjoy anytime in the water.  Our Standard Poodles LOVE going to the cottage, and they are just like kids to get out of the water.  I don’t mind it in the least, because they dry extremely quickly and they have that fresh lake water smell.

Poodles are the ultimate family pet.  They love everyone!  I have never seen an aggressive Standard Poodle in my entire life; they don’t have a single bad bone in their body.  They love children of all ages.  Although the Standard does indeed love everyone, they are defiantly going to let you know when someone/something comes onto your property.  I always say “they will probably lead the intruder to all the good stuff and love them to death,” but at least you know someone is there….LOL  They can sense when someone is ill, and have a very compassionate demeanor.  Often times, they have been noted as especially gentle around babies and seniors.  What more can we say--they are for all people, for all things.  There isn’t a thing a Standard Poodle can’t do.

Care & Maintenance:

Standard Poodles have a non-shedding, non-allergenic coat, making them ideal for people who suffer from allergies.  Poodles do not molt!  You may think that the Poodle requires the most grooming and care of all K9’s in the world, but iIf you groom your Poodle as we do (they are shaved about four times a year to a number “10” blade), this makes grooming a pastime rather than a chore.  If you are one of the people who wants your Poodle to be traditionally groomed for shows, then yes, there is much more to it. If you do decide to let your Poodle’s coat grow out, it is still very important to shave his face and feet.  If the face isn’t shaved, bacterial matter gathers and can definitely create an unpleasant odor.  If the feet aren’t shaved, a build-up of everything he comes into contact with could induce an infection.  A dog should never be constantly licking his feet, and if this is the case, you should visit a veterinary clinic. We feel as though the healthiest grooming choice is short and trim.  During regular examinations by yourself, you will find it much easier to discover scratches or irregularities on their skin, and can take preventative measures to avoid such unpleasantries.  If the Poodle is left for too long with a full coat, these things can go unnoticed very easily.  Proper grooming is essential for the Poodle’s well-being (both physically and mentally) and should be done, not only to protect from harmful bacteria, but also to strengthen your rapport with your Poodle.

The Standard is a very clean specimen, but still requires (on average) about two baths a month.  Daily brushing is recommended, again, depending on how you groom your Poodle.  His ears must be checked on a regular basis, and maintenance must be completed on your Poodle’s ears at every bath time.  The hair must be plucked from the ears to ensure proper airflow, and to decrease the chances of bacterial growth.  This practice should be started from day one, and after the first few times your Poodle will adjust to the procedure for his lifetime.  If you often see your Poodle shaking his head, this isn’t normal.  It is almost 100% of the time due to poor ear maintenance.  Remember, cleanliness is next to DOGLINESS!

Happy in either the country or in the city, the Poodle adjusts well in almost any setting--provided he has plenty of love and attention.  He hates being left alone for long periods of time, as any dog should!  As with all K9’s, the Poodle should have his nails clipped and teeth brushed once a month.  We brush our dogs teeth much more frequently, but as a minimum, we always say once a month.

Physical Specifications:

We ensure that all Magisterial Standard Poodle Puppies leave with their dewclaws removed and their tails docked.  The dewclaws are removed to ensure no trouble occurs in the future as your Poodle is running through the woods, or other unpredicatable environments.  Docking their tails and removing their claws is my least favorite part of breeding dogs; however, it is an important part of my job.  Because Poodles are such happy dogs, their tails would be a force to be reckoned with--knocking anything and everything off ledges and tables.  These procedures make life much more enjoyable, for human and K9 alike.  If you wish not to have your Poodle’s tail docked, it’s perfectly fine with us.  However, please just understand, that the puppy must be paid for in full, and your choice must be made as to which puppy you are selecting--it’s a lifetime commitment, but one we will support!

The Poodle is the worlds most recognizable breed of dog.  His body is very solid, with a slightly arched neck, and his chest well let-down.  He has a firm muscular loin and his back is short--neither arched nor hollow, croup rounded but not sloping.  His head is dignified, straight, and in total proportion to his body (pronounced occipital peak!)  His nose must match his coat colour, and he has fairly tight lips.  Again, the colour depending on his coat.  He has a straight nose bride.  The Poodle has almond-shaped eyes, which are slightly slanted.  The eyes are black or very dark brown to dark amber in colour, depending again on his coat colour.  His ears are fairly long, and hanging against the cheeks, with the tips reaching to the commissure of the lips when outstretched.  They are covered with wavy, very long hair.  He has remarkable muscular, well-boned legs-small, short, and oval feet.  His tail is set high and docked.  We only remove about ¼ of the tail, while other breeders tend to remove half.

The Poodle’s coat is one of his most popular features.  The coat is curly, abundant, fine, woolly, very thick, well-furnished, and of uniform length, forming regular curls.  If the coat was corded, it would also be abundant, fine, woolly, dense, but would form small well-defined cords of uniform length.  The colour of the Standard Poodle comes in the following varieties: black, white, brown, grey, apricot, red, blue, silver, and parti.  The Parti Poodle is not recognized by CKC show rings, but is register able with the club.  The Poodle should stand at about 45 to 60 cm (17.5-23.5 in), and weigh in at about 22 kg (48.5 lb).

For additional information on the Standard Poodle’s physical specifications, please visit the official Canadian Kennel Club website HERE.

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