Magisterial Puppy Application

We really did try to make this application as short and to the point as we felt possible.  We truly feel that if you are genuinely interested in committing to a lifelong journey with a Magisterial Puppy, you won’t mind taking approximately half an hour to complete our application.  Once we receive your application, I will personally contact you within 24 hours.  I look forward to speaking with you soon regarding our stunning Magisterial puppies!

Please only complete our Magisterial Puppy Application once you have fully decided to add a Magisterial Puppy to your heart and home. Thank You!

Full Names of applicants:
First: Middle: Last:
First: Middle: Last:
P.O. Box:
Postal Code:
Home telephone number: 
Alternate telephone number:
Best time to contact:
How did you hear about Magisterial Kennels?
Is everyone within the home in agreement with purchasing  a Magisterial puppy? Yes No
Will the cost of caring for a Magisterial puppy fit into your current budget? Yes No
What is the breed of Magisterial puppy you are interested in purchasing?
What sex do you prefer? Female Male
What colour of Magisterial puppy do you prefer?
What quality of Magisterial puppy are you most interested in purchasing?
When would you like to add a Magisterial puppy to your family?
Have you considered an older dog, instead of a puppy? Yes No
What are your current living arrangements?
What is the setting for your place of residence?
Does your home have a fully fenced in backyard? Yes No
Do you have children? Yes No
If so, please provide a brief description of them and the role they will play in regards to helping with the puppy.  
Are there any other pets living within your home at this time? Yes No
If so, please provide a brief description of each of them. 
Do you plan to have your Magisterial puppy spayed or neutered? Yes No
Does anyone within the home suffer from allergies to animals?  Yes No
Will you be attending any puppy obedience training classes? Yes No
Have you ever had to part with a previous pet? Yes No
If so, what were the circumstances? 
Do you agree to never place this Magisterial dog into a shelter of
any kind what-so-ever?
Yes No
Do you currently have a Veterinarian? Yes No
If so, please provide their name, address, and contact number.  
Do we have your permission to contact them for a reference? Yes No
Are you committed to caring for this Magisterial puppy throughout its entire lifetime such as, grooming, socialization, veterinary visits, and overall care & maintenance? Yes No
Are you willing to obtain and use a crate for training your Magisterial puppy? Yes No
Have you, or anyone else within your home ever bred dogs or other animals before? Yes No
If so, what were the circumstances? 
Please describe the extent of your knowledge with dogs and raising puppies.  
What will the puppies primary purpose be in your home, and who will its primary caregiver be?
Do you plan to keep your Magisterial puppy on the food that we recommend? Yes No
If not, please provide an explanation.
Where will your puppy stay while you are out of town?
What will the dogs activities/lifestyle be like during the day?
Where will the dog be sleeping during the night?
If for any reason what-so-ever you are no longer able to care for your Magisterial dog, we would like you to return it to our kennel.  Are you willing to do this? Yes No
Are you prepared to provide us with photos and regular feedback regarding the dog’s well-being? Yes No
Is there anything else, what-so-ever, you would like to tell, or ask us?

I have answered all of the above questions truthfully.  I understand that if any intentionally false statements have been given in this application, Magisterial Kennels reserves the right to refuse the sale of one of our precious puppies.

Electronic Signature: