Dear Magisterial friends,

We thank you for taking the time to read through our content and either selecting us as your breeder or considering us as your future puppy provider. We are very confident that you will be happy with your decision to add a Magisterial baby to your heart and home. We truly want to ensure this is the most PAWSitive experience possible for you; if there is anything what-so-ever that our website hasn't made clear for you, please do not hesitate to contact me anytime and I will be pleased to have a personal chat with you.

Since the world is changing and Facebook seems to be the most effective way for sharing photos, information and updates; we have decided that our Magisterial Facebook page will be our primary means of keeping past, current, and future clients most informed with what's new here at Magisterial. Please take a look at our Facebook page and rest assured that you do not have to be a Facebook member in order to view our photos, updates, and all other content on our page.

We take our job here very seriously and our total focus is on our dogs and their offspring. We pride ourselves in knowing that our puppies leave our home totally confident, intelligent and very eager to learn. We spend a lot of time with our puppies; we take entire litters for gorgeous off leash walks throughout our Magisterial forests, where they enjoy riverside play in the water, rolling hills, stunning valleys, and a variety of wildlife (some even endangered species!!). A portion of Magisterial acreage is a certified protected wetland, where we are doing our best to protect some very important Ontario treasures. Our puppies are socialized with children, other sized dogs and animals, have learned so much from spending lots of time with Mom and other K9 family members, and most importantly have experienced most functions of a typical family home (vacuum cleaner, phones ringing, the smells of meals cooking, lots of people around constantly, etc). Our adults are health tested to ensure that their offspring live a long and healthy life with their families. We do everything we can to ensure you are getting our very best work from our labour of love!

Our puppies leave Magisterial completely crate trained, confident/independent, and ready to start training! Our previous clients can't believe how quickly their puppy became house trained and was picking up on general training; we have references available from around the world that we would love to share. We donate a few puppies each year to non-profit organizations like Autism Dog Services. Our dogs have experienced great success in the service dog role and have helped to change the lives of many children and adults. We really do feel that they can accomplish anything the world throws at them!

We enjoy doing various activities with our dogs. We really like getting out every once in a while to Canadian Kennel Club confirmation dog shows where we have enjoyed some successes for sure. Some of our dogs really love agility, and it's great fun for us also. A few of our dogs are certified St. John Ambulance Therapy Dogs and have made a huge difference for the lives of many. Nothing can bring a smile to ones face like a friendly and happy dog!!! A new venture for us that we are beginning this year is fly ball and herding; we are curious to see how our three breeds will fair.

We love our dogs more than anything, and we hope that after landing at this site, and hopefully coming for a visit to Magisterial, that you are able to see just how much we cherish all of our beloved dogs and puppies. We consider all of our dogs family members and treat them like the Magisterial royalty that they are to us. We provide our adult dogs with the very best life possible; they enjoy over 5 acres of our backyard and forest as their personal playground, which you will be able to witness first hand while looking out our windows during your Magisterial visit.

Please ensure you browse through the rest of our website to learn all of the other details of what makes us Magisterial. You can look at what is included with each of our puppies, our lifetime commitment to our clients, training and procedures, and the process of adopting a Magisterial baby. We look forward to meeting wonderful people, who are looking to emBARK on an adventure of a lifetime. Just complete one of our Magisterial Puppy Applications and I will call you within 24-48 hours. I prefer to have an actual telephone conversation with potential puppy parents, as I typically find that one call is worth 100 e-mails most times. If you totally prefer e-mail, just shoot me off one and I will be sure to reply quickly!

Warmest Regards,

Adam & Joshua

We would like to thank you for taking an interest in Magisterial Kennels, and welcome you to our website.  If you seek a memorable, life altering experience, you have definitely landed in the right place!  Allow us to introduce who we are and what we aim to achieve in our life’s mission at Magisterial.  We produce exceptional puppies, for exceptional families who are ready to emBARK! on a completely life altering experience.  We have a deeply rooted passion for dogs and we strive to produce quality sound puppies, not in large quantities.  As you continue to navigate through our site, our passion for what we do will be further revealed, and we think you will gain a sense of why we do what we do.  At Magisterial Kennels, it isn’t what we do, but rather how we do it!
From the time we awake in the morning, until we retire for the evening, our entire world revolves around our dogs and, we cherish every moment that we spend with them.  They enrich our lives beyond imagination by providing us with eternal love, companionship, and wisdom that no human could possibly possess.  When we gaze into the eyes of our dogs, we catch a glimpse of their souls, and are captivated by their innocence and everlasting love for us.  They provide us with unsurpassed loyalty and affection, and expect so little from us.  After all, affection from us is all they desire.  It is for of all these reasons that we have embarked on a life-long journey; breeding dogs of an outstanding nature, for others to embrace, and share the feelings that they provide us with.

If we have peaked your interest even slightly, we encourage you to explore the idea of welcoming your very own Magisterial puppy into your home, and into the hearts of your family members.

All of our dogs are raised with an abundance of affection, and they literally become part of our family.  We are always anxiously waiting to personally welcome each Magisterial puppy into the world and into our hearts.  The feeling we get when we see that puppy for the very first time is indescribable.  We are extremely fortunate and blessed to be part of such a miraculous event.  All litters of Magisterial puppies are born in our living room with human and K9 family members awaiting their arrival.  The love that each Magisterial puppy receives is almost unimaginable to the average person.  Some members of our “human only” family would probably even tell you that we’re out of this world. Of course, we don’t feel as though we are what-so-ever! 

From the moment they are born, all of our puppies are handled hourly and are integrated into our family life.  They are exposed to all aspects of a typical home, such as telephones ringing, vacuum cleaners, laughter, visitors, etc.  They interact with other dogs of different sizes, which greatly benefits their socialization.  We foster an environment where the puppies can spend copious amounts of time with their Mother, which in return encourages optimal development.  Magisterial Puppies are always introduced to the outdoors as early as possible, and trained with a collar and leash.  We also begin house training and crate training, so that when they arrive at their new home, they are well on their way to a happy new life with their new family members!

We have always had a genuine interest and passion for dogs of all breeds.  Over the years, we have gained a wealth of knowledge and experience that has provided us a rich, solid foundation on which to build a kennel of the highest standings.  In our early years, to gain knowledge and wisdom, we attended many dogs shows and events, conversed with several dog enthusiasts, spent endless hours at libraries researching, and aligned ourselves with many other reputable dog breeders within North America. 

Since obtaining all of the knowledge and experience that we currently possess, we found the task of deducing our selection down to one breed unbelievably challenging.  We chose what we believe to be the three most magnificent breeds on the planet.  Each exhibits unique qualities and abilities that do not exist in most other breeds.  Drum roll please!!! Our three choice breeds are: the Standard Poodle, the Giant Schnauzer, and the Cairn Terrier.  People always ask which of the breeds is our favourite.  This question is impossible for us to answer, as we believe them all to be outstanding!  For more information on each specific breed, please click the Magisterial Dogs link at the top of this page.

Magisterial Kennels is a proud member of the Canadian Kennel Club, and in great standing.  We follow all codes of conduct and ethics, and believe strongly in the Canadian Kennel Club's mission statement.  All organizations and groups involved with dogs should consider the dog's well-being and safety to be their paramount priority!  We support all groups that adhere to this philosophy.  We take quite a different approach to how we raise our dogs here at Magisterial.  Our dogs live with us, in our home.  They are all family members, therefore are treated as such.  We have designed fore them a luxury kennel, which is within our home, and equipped with all the amenities and luxuries that our space includes.  There is absolutely no space in our house considered to be a “dog free” zone.  You name it, and our dogs have it, or their own K9 version of it!

Deciding to add either your first Magisterial K9 family member; or, because you have so much love and dedication, you are contemplating adding a second or third member to your family, is simply a life altering experience.  If you have ever met a Magisterial member, then you know exactly what we are talking about.  We take great pride in what we do here, and welcome all questions, comments, and suggestions.  We are continually searching for ways to improve upon what we already believe to be an exceptional experience for Magisterial puppy purchasers.  We hope you enjoy our website's content, and find our information and advice helpful in making your decision to add a new member to your family.  Please feel free to Contact Us and ask any questions we have failed to answer for you, regarding our Magisterial Puppies!

Our residence is nestled away on a very small country road, just 10 minutes off HWY 401. We are two hours from Toronto and two hours from Ottawa--the exact half-way point between the two cities and also the half-way point between Belleville and Kingston. I decided to post the following photos of our home and property. Many of our clients drive a very long distance and fly in from around the world. I know that personally, I would feel much better knowing what kind of establishment/home I'm about to visit. Our clients go to a lot of trouble making flight bookings, hotel reservations, etc. and I don't want them to think they are arriving at some kind of run down puppy mill. I want everyone to know that you won't find any kennels, fences, gates or buildings here. The dogs and puppies live 100% of their lives with us, in our home, under the same roof as we do! We take great pride in everything we do here at Magisterial, and we hope everyone is able to clearly see that after visiting and meeting us! We are always happy to help with hotel reservations and arranging things for you to do while in the Kingston area. The city is jam packed with culture, history and neat things to do. Make a weekend out of it!

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